Armed Black Militia “NFAC” Threatens Violence Against A.G. Over Breonna Taylor Case


Having an attention grabbing name can help in creating interest in your group.  It is typically uncommon to include profanity within said name, but doing so only adds more interest.  That is the case of the NFAC, or the “Not F—–g Around Coalition.”  What is this group all about?

NFAC Background

The NFAC is a group of African American men and women who are pro-gun.  While they might have weapons, their goal is to remain peaceful.  “Organizers of the NFAC say the group shows up when the Black community doesn’t get answers regarding cases like the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor” (WDRB).  According to Wikipedia, the NFAC is a relatively new group, having made their first appearance in May of this year.  The group denies any relation to Black Lives Matter.  

NFAC’S Leader

Grand Master Jay is the leader of the group.  He has been in contact with Attorney General Daniel Cameron about the Breonna Taylor case.  Grand Master Jay is upset about the way that the case is being handled, basically saying that AG Cameron does not have enough to work with.  Grand Master Jay also did not like that the investigation could take four months to complete.  He “… told the group that he issued an ultimatum to Cameron, telling him he had four weeks to finish the investigation. He also promised that the NFAC would return to Louisville” (WDRB).  Grand Master Jay is trying to speed up the conclusion of the case.  

Armed Black Militia
NFAC group protest in Louisville

Saturday Incident

During the Saturday protest, three members of the NFAC were shot by friendly fire.  All three cases were non-life-threatening.  “The shots came as riot cops worked to maintain separation between the NFAC and a smaller group of right-wing militants known as ’Three Percenters’” (Meyer).  

Three Percenters

According to their website, the Three Percenters claim that they are not a militia nor are they a white supremacist group.  They are a group heavily focused on a Constitutional Republic.  


With much turmoil in the country, different groups are gaining more attention.  Protests have gone on all summer in many parts of the country.  It will be interesting to see if the NFAC does in fact return in four weeks.  


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