The Domestic Terrorist Organization ANTIFA is Responsible for Killing Innocent Americans and Burning Down our cities all Across the Country. It is time that these Cowards are held Accountable! Sign This Petition if you Demand That All ANTIFA Members Must be Arrested, Deported and have their Citizenship Revoked Immediately!

ANTIFA from its very founding has always been a violent hate organization. Originally created to fight the so called “fascists in America”, more specifically what thy claim President Trump was. However, the real fascists in America is ANTIFA.

Anyone who does not agree with ANTIFA are silenced and beaten. If you are white you are inherently racist, and if you are black you are inherently a victim of racial discrimination. It is this ridiculous rhetoric that the media continues to shove in our faces that fuels violent groups like ANTIFA to commit more violence.

ANTIFA in recent weeks and moths have been responsible for destroying cities across our nation. What first began with large scale looting, quickly turned into destroying businesses, burning buildings, beating up innocent people for being white, and ultimately murder.

Where does the Democrat party and mainstream media stand on the terrorist group ANTIFA? They not only support them, but call them “peaceful protesters” and refuse to spread the truth.

Futhermore the media expects us to believe that the riots across our country is not the reason for the so called “second spike” in Coronavirus cases, but rather it’s because Americans are staying home instead of ‘protesting’. Yet, in many places Americans are still not allowed to go back to work.

ANTIFA is also largely responsible for now destroying our great statues all across our country, and with it a reminder of our history both good and bad. It is important to learn from our mistakes to prevent history from repeating itself, however all the left cares about is destroying the Democrat Party’s ‘racist history’.

As ANTIFA continues to destroy and dismantle our great statues and monuments, they are attempting to destroy American culture and everything that makes this country great!

Unfortunately for them there are millions of proud patriotic Americans that will never let this happen! It is time for Americans to take back our country and hold our politicians accountable for their corruption and Anti-America agendas.

If you want to see ANTIFA members stripped of their citizenship and right to vote immediately, along with being deported, then sign our Raging Patriot petition below!

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