A Conservative Rebuttal to Bloomberg Opinion: “OK Boomer, We’re Going to Socialize You” and Why Government Can’t Fix You

A few days ago, bloombergquint.com published an opinion piece titled “OK Boomer, we’re going to socialize you”. It was lengthy and reaked of an SJW’s cry for “equality”, and by “equality” they mean special treatment.

Here are some things from the article, along with a conservative rebattal.

COVID-19 Disproportionate Affects of the Population

“Everything about SARS-CoV-2 seems unfair. It afflicts the poor worse than the rich, and Blacks more than Whites.”

The CDC reported on this. In the report titled “Health Equity Considerations and Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups” there was no evidence that COVID-19 has infected more people in the black community than the white community. In fact, the CDC COVID Data Tracker reports that there have been more cases and deaths overall of Whites than of Blacks. However, when looking at reports of deaths due to covid broken down by age, there were only a few age groups where more Blacks have died than Whites, but the differing percentage never reached more than 17, not an alarming number.

It did, however, have risk factors for racial and ethnic minority groups. These factors include: discrimination; health care access and utilization; occupation; educational, income, and wealth gaps; and housing. But each of those categories, except for discrimination, can come down to personal choice of the individual-not an outside influence or person.

Addressing discrimination: if a person of color goes to get tested or treated for COVID-19 and they experience words or actions of racism that is no fault of the system but of the person being racist-that person making the choice to be racist. The factors above, could in fact be factors for people of every race. Housing, education, income-those effect everyone.

Generational Affects of COVID

The article says that people in the “Retiree” age group have already lived their lives and that they won’t be economically impacted from the coronavirus because they already have their retirement savings and are living off of them. Next, it talks about the Baby Boomers and how they are nearly or already have entered retirement and no longer have children to take care of. Then it said that even though Gen Xers have to juggle taking care of their children and older parents but that they’ll be fine because they have a home office for their “zoom work meetings”. It did not specifically touch on why Gen Z isn’t impacted as much.

 Millennials | The Raging Patriot

The article delved into the grave misfortunes of Millenials starting with the recession of 2008 and because of it they couldn’t find jobs. The author seems to forget that over 2 million Americans lost jobs from the recession.

At that time Millenials were young and could easily recover from a job loss. Baby Boomers or Gen Xers already had established jobs, homes, and families. Losing a job in that situation is far more devastating.

The author described the 2008 recession to say that Millenials just can’t catch a break. That first they had the recession and now the pandemic. To try defining which age group has been more effected by the pandemic is a very gross misjudgment. An observation such as that can’t be fairly evaluated. There are a number of factors that people of all age groups had and have to deal with. You can not quantify suffering, it can not be measured.

The Government Can’t Fix You

The article concludes by pointing out policies and programs that seem to only benefit older generations while having unfair tax brackets for younger people. It says that their needs to be pension reform, universal healthcare, and removal of tax “loopholes” for Boomers – whatever that means.

 Tax | The Raging Patriot

One correct thing it did say was “It would be tragic if we survived the pandemic only to find ourselves living in true socialism, which in practice has always robbed societies of prosperity and individuals of freedom.” That is true – nowhere on earth has socialism worked! And it won’t come to America either.

But the paragraph finishes with, “To avoid that fate, all generations should offer Millennials a fairer  a liberal  deal.” Wait, so all other generations need to work to prop up Millenials? Sounds like special treatment under the guise of “equality” – the SJW creed.

The article from bloombergquint.com was a grave miscalculation. SJW’s need to stop feeling sorry for themselves – everyone gets a bad hand in life at one point or another. But, it’s how they deal with that hand that matters. They need to work to make their own life better because no one else will do it for them – unless there’s a socialist government to do it.

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Government is supposed to controlled by the citizens. With big government the only people to benefit are those in power. Conservatism promotes individual thinking, choice, and liberty. Democrats only pander for votes to keep themselves in power and their citizens controlled. The propaganda circulating the country right now is rather frightening. But there will come a time when Americans realize they can’t rely on the government and that they are the ones supposed to be in charge of it, not the other way around.

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