Whose Truth Is It Anyway?

There is no such thing as “my truth” or “your truth”, simply there is only THE TRUTH.

What Is “My Truth”?

The Urban Dictionary defines My Truth below:

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Byron Tau from The Wall Street Journal tweeted “Oprah employed a phrase that I’ve noticed a lot of other celebrity using these days: ‘your truth’ instead of ‘the truth’ why that phrasing?” He also said that “your truth” undermines the idea of shared common facts. Having “my truth” negates the truth.


Pretend for a minute that Tony stole from Rebecca and she reports it to the police, and they bring him in for questioning and Tony says, “I did not steal from that woman, and that is my truth.” Since Tony spoke “his truth” he should be taken at his word, right? Well, the police believe Tony and don’t do any more investigating and he gets off without punishment and Rebecca never gets justice.

That’s wrong, right? But why? Is it because that wasn’t what really happened? Is it because Tony lied and didn’t tell the truth? Is it because the police didn’t investigate further? Yes. It’s wrong because proper justice wasn’t delivered for truth’s sake and for Rebecca’s sake. But what about Rebecca’s truth, though? Does her truth matter? Apparently not here. Examples like this illustrate perfectly why “my truth, your truth, his truth, her truth” are very dangerous. If everyone starts claiming “their truth” without any evidential support, it leads to confusion and injustice on every level and in every scenario. Wherein, “my truth” leads to no truth at all.

What It Means

This proves why only THE TRUTH exists and “my truth” does not.

The notion that each person has their own personally decided truth, forgetting fact or reason, is dangerous and irresponsible. Each person having “their truth” sets the wavering precedent that lying is okay and should even be encouraged. If there is no standard truth, then there can be no standard for evil. If there isn’t a “right”, then who are we to say there is a “wrong”? We cannot have one without the other.

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