White Leftist Saviors

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The term “White Savior” has been around for a number of years. It originates as a term to describe people who leave their country in order to go save people in an underprivileged country. Though this seems like a great thing in general, it can have very negative effects on developing countries. This is termed as “The White Savior Complex.” The white savior complex doesn’t end with foreign volunteer work. It has a much darker side, racial social justice in America.

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There is no denying the fact that racism has existed since the beginning of human history, as well as American history. Thanks to many brave citizens including civil rights leaders; we now live in a time of equal opportunity for everybody despite the color of your skin. This of course does not mean that racism does not exist. For many white liberals racist events are the perfect opportunity to signal their superior virtue. Racist events allow the white savior mentality to take full effect, all the way from twitter to the streets. Many leftists feel the need to “save” the victims of racism. It is important to remember the massive difference between supporting, and saving.

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There are a number of reasons why the leftists want to be seen this way. One of the most common reasons is to gain moral authority. In the world of social justice you lose all moral credibility for being a white individual, because of your evil roots in slavery and Jim Crow laws. For a white individual to regain moral authority they must do a few things.
Firstly, they must apologize for and take upon them the sins of their race. They then must excuse all behavior from the “oppressed” including rioting and looting. Finally we all know that “white silence is violence,” so you then must condemn and rebuke anybody who does not conform with the mainstream agenda.

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Leftist saviors do not do these things because they genuinely wish to see change. They do these things because they desire to have moral high ground. The disgusting truth is that by feeling the need to save the black race they are actually fueling the idea of white supremacy. There are many things you can do to support the black community in the fight against racism. Unfortunately for the ego of many leftists this does not mean being a savior.

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