While people were rioting blacking out social media, Hillary lost her appeal and has to testify in lost email case, here’s what you missed including Obamagate subpoenas.

On June 2, 2020, many social media profiles issued a blackout in show of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Due to this blackout, events that likely would have circulated were left unknown. Three specific events happened during this week that need to be ackowledge.

Hillary Clinton was ordered to testify.

The first event happened on June 2, 2020. Hillary Clinton appeared in court via teleconference, asking for a “writ of mandamus”. If she had obtained it, it would have allowed her to not have to publicly answer questions about her email scandal. This Writ of Mandamus was denied. Hillary Clinton will be required to publicly testify in court this coming September. This is a huge win for those who have been arguing for Clinton’s arrest since 2016. 

The conservative activist group, Judicial Watch, is trying to force Clinton to testify in person and the court agreed that there is no reason she should not testify. Judicial Watch brought forth evidence claiming that new evidence has been released and new emails have been recovered. Her direct witness is now necessary.

Rod Rosenstein testified in court.

Clinton is not the only case that has been brought forward. On June 3, Rod Rosenstein, the former United States Deputy Attorney General, testified in court in review of the Russia Investigation. Questions were asked both regarding the way the FBI handled the Russia investigation, but also Rosenstein’s involvement with the Micheal Flynn investigation. 

The Senate Republican’s asked questions regarding the credibility of sources and sanctions taken by the FBI. Among those Senators, Texas Senator Ted Cruz came after Rosenstein with questions about Joe Biden and the Obama Administration’s role in illegal acts and FBI usage. 

Cruz comes directly at the Obama administration nd their claims that everythig was “by the book.” He puts much of the blame of Democrat’s lack of interest on the case to the upcloming election. When refering to the previous day’s hearing he said:

“And what’s astonishing is not a single Democrat here cares. Not a one of you is troubled or at least you won’t say it publicly. Now I get it its an election year. Joe Biden is a nominee. You don’t want to uncover something that shows that Joe Biden is part of corruption. Barack Obama, I get it you revear. You don’t want to reveal that he is involved in corruption and you can’t reveal Joe Biden was.”

The case will continue to be looked at over the upcoming weeks. The very fact that it was brought forward is a huge step forward towards fighting the Democrat’s corruption we’ve seen over the last decade.   

Thirty Obama officials were given subpoenas.

On June 4, 2020 another step was taken and over thirty Obama officials were given subpoenas. The chairman of the Homeland Security panel, Senator Ron Johnson said:

“It is our job to investigate and provide the American people a complete accounting of what happened during the last transition. The subpoena authority I am requesting today will help us gather the necessary information.” 

In a heated debate, Democrats accused Republicans of only pushing this forward for political reasons. The only Republican to speak against the subpoenas was Utah Senator Mitt Romney. The end resulted in the officials being subpoenaed. 

The week of June second was win after win for the Republican Senate as well as their attempt to investigate the Obama Administration and officially looking into Obamagate. 

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