Which is your Favorite Fighter, the F22 or the YF23?

The F22 is the ultimate air superiority fighter for the USAF. Originally built to replace the F15, there may have been one fighter that outclassed the F22, that of course is the YF23. In the ATF or Advanced Tactical Fighter Competition, the YF22 and YF23 took to the skies in the hope to become the Air Force’s fighter of the future.

Both fighters were stealth aircraft that were capable of super cruise (travel at supersonic speeds without the need of afterburners). The F22 is capable of speeds up to 1500 MPH and has a flight range of over 1800 miles. The YF23 was capable of speeds up to 1450 MPH, and had a range of just under 2700 miles.

In 1991, the USAF ultimately chose the YF22 as the winner of the ATF competition, a decision that is still controversial to this day. What aircraft do you think is better? Vote now in our Raging Patriot Poll!

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