Which is your Favorite Fighter, the F15 or the F22?

In an ever changing world where an aircraft’s roll will need to adapt, there is one roll that remains unchanged, that of course is the need for air superiority. Both the F15 and F22 were developed to give the USAF superiority in the skies over any other fighter.

The F15 first took flight in July 1972, and has since won over 100 fights without a single loss, this included against the Mig 25. The F15 is capable of speeds up to 1875 mph and a range of nearly 3000 miles.

The F22 was developed to take the legacy of the F15 to the next level. Unlike the F15, the F22 was designed to be stealthy and remain hidden from enemy radar. Unlike other stealth fighters like the F117, new computer advancements allowed for the design of the F22 to benefit from its stealthy shape to be more streamline and faster. The F22 also used 2D thrust vectoring to make the fighter more agile and deadly in a dogfight.

Both fighters are truly remarkable aircraft and dominate the skies. Which is your favorite fighter? Vote now in our Raging Patriot poll below!

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