Watch Now! ? SpaceX’s SN5 Rolls out of High Bay and Arrives at Launch Pad!

After weeks of high anticipation following the sudden Explosion of SN4, SpaceX enthusiast have been eagerly waiting to see the rollout of SN5 to the launch pad! As to date, we have now watched the destruction of SN1, SN3 and SN4. Many believed SN4 would be the one to take the first hop, as it had a single Raptor engine performing multiple static fires. However, following its final static fire, a fuel leak allowed for methane to escape and ultimately led to a sudden massive explosion; thus destroying SN4 and the launch platform.

SN5 has been stacked and ready for its debut alongside SN6 for a while now, and to finally see SN5 coming rolling down the road was truly a site to see. It is unknown at this time if SN5 will receive 1 or 3 raptor engines, and we are also waiting to see if SN5 will receive a nose cone.

Check out the video (from LabPadre) of SN5 rolling out of the high bay, down the road and being fixed into position on the launch pad! Comment your thoughts below in our comment section!

Video Credit – LabPadre (Youtube)

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