URGENT POLL: President Trump Stands-by and Supports Law Enforcement in America, Do you Support the Police?

Never in American history has law enforcement been under such vicious attack. From rioters made up of ANTIFA terrorist, to Democrat politicians at state and federal levels, police departments across the country are being portrayed as evil racist pigs. This disgusting perception of our brave men and women in blue is a direct result of years of liberal propaganda from the fake news media, and eight years of Obama’s anti-police rhetoric.

Now that the left is taking their anti-police agendas to the next level, Democrats across the country are pushing to defund the police, and in some areas of the country, dismantle their police departments completely. Even Joe Biden who has long been seen as someone who stands by and protects Police unions is siding with the new anti-police policies and would like to see massive change to the way police officers interact with criminals in life threatening situations. This has caused long time police supporting unions to no longer support Biden and instead support President Trump.

Fortunately for our law enforcement, President Trump continues to stand by with our great police officers across our country (as he always has), and continues to push for “law and order” as the Democrats push for rioting, looting, and anarchy. If you stand by President Trump’s comments and support the America’s law enforcement, then vote in our poll below!

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