URGENT POLL: Is the Fake News Media the Enemy of the People?

With each passing day, the Fake News Media becomes more desperate to spread fake news. For nearly 3 years, the fake media reported the Russia Hoax as if it was factual coverage to bring down the president. Just prior to the 2018 midterms, the fake media aired non-stop coverage of the Kavanaugh accusers who had absolutely nothing to back their allegations (many of which admitted to making up their story). The media ran wild with the Ukraine phone call, trying to convince the public of quid pro quo, yet a few days later when the transcript was released, the fake media was again shown to have lied.

The media has done everything in their power to destroy this nation, they have done nothing but change their positions to prevent themselves from being exposed. For example, they showed non-stop coverage of the virus in order to keep Americans at home to promote mail in ballots, only to realize that lockdowns were a losing issue. What did they do? Start promoting the riots and forgot about the virus, after this became a losing issue as cities burned, they went back to the virus. So how did the media get away with promoting the riots and then back to the virus? They claim that the riots do not show any correlation to the virus spikes, something that makes no sense.

It has become pretty unbelievable that anyone can take the media seriously, but some brainwashed people do. The media’s power has led to our nationwide division and that is why they are called the Enemy of the People! If you agree, then vote in our Raging Patriot Poll below!

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