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URGENT POLL: Do you Approve of President Trump’s Handling of the Coronavirus and push to Reopen America?

By Red Elephant

After months of endless lockdowns, the United States is finally reopening and jobs are coming back in record numbers. After projections predicted a loss of nearly 6 million jobs in May, the country was shocked to see over 2.5 million jobs come back. While the Democrats did everything in their power to scare Americans into staying home by promoting fear of the virus, the recent protests / riots have virtually caused the the pandemic to disappear and showing that we do not need mail in ballots or to stay home any longer. President has been a strong advocate of reopening for months now, and it definitely appears to be the correct decision.

President Trump has also recently announced that the United States will be declaring ANTIFA as a Domestic Terrorist Organization, and will face the maximum extent of the law. This comes after several weeks of riots occurring nationwide that have led to large scale looting, burnings, vandalism, rape and death. If you approve of President Trump’s handling of these recent crises, then vote in our Raging Patriot Poll below!

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Red Elephant

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