Up Up & Away: American Jobs Numbers Shock the World

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The Jobs report numbers are in and we have just discovered how resilient the economy of the United States of America really is. Everyone expected the Jobs report to show we had lost around 8,000,000 jobs but the numbers are in. The American economy added 2.5 million jobs in the month of may! Donald Trump is calling this recovery from COVID-19 “probably the greatest comeback in American history.”

Stock Market Soaring

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As of 12:03 pm EST, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 943 points at 3.59% gains. The market loves good news and has been running up all week. Led by airlines and other travel stocks, the stock market in America is building a bull run of the likes that we have never seen before.

The Trump Economy

The economy created by the leadership of the Trump Administration is proving to be extremely resilient. This is a major victory for the re-election campaign of Donald Trump. We can see that as much as the media and the left want the country to recover slowly, it is becoming more clear every day that this economy can’t be kept back. We have caught lightning in a bottle here and the future is looking bright. Donald Trump will likely see a bump in his approval rating as the economy returns to its powerhouse state.

The fear of COVID-19 seems to have dissipated as the American people are proving that they do not want to see the economy fail as millions are flocking back to their jobs. It is wonderful to see this type of victory for the American People. One thing is clear, regardless of what you believe politically, this news has to make you ecstatic for the recovery of America.

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