Uncle Tom Film: The Truth is Inside the Stars and Stripes

Uncle Tom Film: The Truth is Inside the Stars and Stripes - Documentary | The Raging Patriot

A brand new film that details what it is like to be an American Black Conservative released at midnight last night. CNN informed me that as a white male, I need to listen to my fellow brothers and sisters who happen to be black. I am doing just that and I would say the same back to every liberal who claims they listen to all minorities. This movie is filled with many Americans who have woken up to the failed policies of the Democratic Party. I exhort everyone to watch and listen at uncletom.com

My Thoughts After Watching

All I can say was wow, that show was incredible. Listening to the experiences of these various conservative men and women was truly inspiring to see. This film taught me so many things about the history of this nation and the promise that it brings to all souls regardless of their skin color.

One of the small things I noticed while watching this film was the stark difference between the civil rights protests then and the civil rights protests today. There is one major element that was vibrant then which has been absent as far as I can tell now. That element is the American Flag. Brandon Tatum had an amazing section during this film talking about how America is an idea. That if we buy into this idea, all men and women in this nation will be free! I was in awe as I listened to him and many others in the film speak the truth about what has happened and what needs to happen going forward.

The Republican Party Has Also Failed the Black Community

This was something that I haven’t ever really thought about until this film brought it up. The Republican Party has been absolutely terrible in their outreach to the African-American communities in America. This is because they believe that the black people vote in a “monolith”. What Larry Elder and Candace Owens are doing is giving a voice to the conservatives who have been called Uncle Tom for not joining the mob. This movement, started by everyone in this film, could potentially give the Republican Party the chance it has never had to finally penetrate the Democrats monopoly on the black vote.

We cannot miss this opportunity. There are strong voices everywhere standing up to the Democrats failed policies and the time is NOW for the Republican Party to reach out and show that victim hood is not the path to success. It is vital that we amplify voices like Brandon Tatum, Candace Owens, Larry Elder and whoever else is willing to take the fight to the left. We must declare together, with our African-American brothers and sisters that the democrats no longer own the black vote. We must do this together, as the Americans that we are.

The Truth Is Inside the Stars and Stripes

I cannot stress how important this is. I watched this film and truly felt like I was changed. This film helped me see that what the left is feeding all of us is pure lies! We are not at war with each other because of our skin color like Don Lemon and Al Sharpton want us to believe. We are at war with an ideology that does not want the idea of America to fully extend itself across this nation. Why do they not want the true idea of America to spread? Because if it does, the radical Democratic Party will never win an election again because the people will see that the truth lies inside the stars and stripes, not welfare checks and victim hood.

This film is worth every penny. If you are a conservative and want to contribute to the outreach to the African-American community, then give the $20 dollars that it costs to watch this film and lets get this movement accelerating even faster together!

I rest my case and want to give a special thanks to Larry Elder for leading this film. We are in this together with all of you, lets save this nation together as one.

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