Tulsa Rally Records Largest Saturday Night Viewership in Fox History!

You may have been fooled by the media if you believe that the Tulsa rally was a complete failure. The mainstream media seems more interested in some AOC led internet mob than actual facts. Fox News reported that the Tulsa Rally led by our President recorded 7.7 Million viewers between 8 and 10 pm. This number is incredible but you won’t hear a peep out of CNN or MSNBC, you will just hear about some empty seats up at the top. Remember that this is only one channels numbers of the rally, there were hundreds of streams that were gathering up thousands and thousands of viewers as well. The Trump Train is alive and well.

This news is actually quite wonderful for Donald Trump because this shows that his base is still in tact and may be a lot stronger than the left realizes. There is a lot of people who are tired of the left wing politics that are played inside of our major cities and this could be evidence that people are looking elsewhere from the Democrats this election season.

Joe Biden is Hiden!

The media is really throwing us for a loop on this one as they sit and mock President Trump’s campaign while Job Biden hasn’t done a single press conference in nearly 80 days. The only form of campaigning that we see from Quid Pro Joe is a couple of low energy tweets that he didn’t even write. It is time for the American people to demand the media to hold Joe Biden more accountable if he wants to be president. Donald Trump takes heat 24/7, you would think Joe could at least be asked a few questions.

Newsweek Fulfills Fake News Prophecies

Does anyone else remember multiple people saying that the media will try to act like the Tulsa Rally caused an uptick in covid-19 cases within a day of the rally ending? Someone should ask Newsweek how all of these people got sick and got tested with the results coming back all within 24 hours. They will do anything to try to paint the President as in the wrong and this makes it as clear as ever. Thank you Newsweek!

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