The Left Endorses Protests and Riots, but Shames Trump for Wanting to Host Rallies Again

The Leftist Double-Standard

All the riots and protests have proven that the coronavirus canít stop people gathering in large groups. This is why with 5 months to go till the election, the Trump Campaign is gearing up to start campaigning across the US with rallies. There is nothing that can stop this Trump Train. Any scare about Covid-19 has been debunked by the daily protests of thousands. These gatherings of protestors and rioters are only okay because they are being encouraged by the leftist media and democrats. The exact locations and restrictions on the rallies will vary as not all states are allowing large gatherings at the moment. However, they havenít stopped the Black Lives Matter protestors from gathering and rioting. The existence of the protests and riots makes it near impossible for the left to shame Trump about having large gatherings during Covid-19. That doesnít mean they havenít tried, as the image below is an excellent example of the hypocrisy at play.

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Vanity Fair

The logical assumption should be if itís okay to protest then it is all right to gather and rally around our recovering economy. In fact gatherings should have never been curtailed at all because of the 1st amendment. Trump wants to get out there and speak to where the people can hear him directly and not through the leftist mediaís bias and lies. There is a reason they stopped airing his daily press conferences on COVID-19. The fake new media had no control over them.

 Mainstream media | The Raging Patriot
80-90% of all News organizations are Left Leaning

The Logistics of Rallies

ďAmericans are ready to get back to action and so is President Trump. The Great American Comeback is real and the rallies will be tremendous,Ē Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said Monday in a statement. ďYouíll again see the kind of crowds and enthusiasm that Sleepy Joe Biden can only dream of.Ē The restarting of the campaign will be another step to returning to normal. President Trump rallies people to unite and give them hope of the Great America that he is building.

The Trump Campaign is figuring out their venues and how the rallies will be held amid the possiblity of Covid-19 infected people coming to the ralleis. at the same time the GOP is searching for a new location for the 2020 GOP convention. North Carolinaís Leftist governor didnít want to guarantee that the GOP and Trump would be allowed to fill an arena. This has lead GOP officials to look at different places, possibly states that are is phase 3 or 4. The GOP convention will be at the end of August so there is time to find a new and better place for the convention. There seems to a huge discrimination against President Trump in the way that the democrats are using their position of power and the media to stop President Trump from holding large gatherings.

 2020 Trump Tulsa rally | The Raging Patriot
A large rally that Joe Biden could only dream of.

A Step in the Right Direction

As JFK said, ďAsk not what your country can do for you Ė ask what you can do for your country.Ē President Trump is also challenging that nation in the same aspect to do something and not just try to collect stimulus money. US citizens should also challenge themselves to seek the truth from the source, President Trump and not from biased media.

 President of the United States | The Raging Patriot

Returning to normal, following CDC guidelines and being respectful will get us through this bump in the road. With the economy on its track to normal and jobs are returning, the TRUMP TRAIN is unstoppable. US citizens can this November do something for this country and vote. Trump Promises that next year will be even greater and like his press secretary said this is the transition to greatness. The importance of Voting, border security, Covid-19 response, the economy and more issues are usually the common themes of Presidentís Trumps Rallies. The Campaign believes once the Trump train is started back up it wonít be stopped.

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