The War on Police is a War on America

The Call to Abolish Law Enforcement

Following the death of George Floyd protests against police brutality have broken out across the country. Peaceful protests, a citizen’s first amendment right, have now turned to violent and destructive riots that are illegal and have no place in freedom-loving America.

Demands to defund and disband the police have soared across the country from upset protesters, rioters, and even public officials in several cities. Minneapolis City Council President, Lisa Bender, says “We committed to dismantling the policing as we know it in the city of Minneapolis and to rebuild with our community a new model of public safety that actually keeps our community safe.”

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In an interview with a CNN correspondent, Bender gives a rough idea of what “dismantling” the police department would look like. She said funds would be shifted to mental health services, EMT, and fire instead of going to armed police officers.

She also said that the city conducted a “big analysis of 911” and the nature of the calls coming into dispatch and that from the analysis they concluded that the majority of the calls were for EMT, fire, and mental health services. It is unclear how many calls were analyzed and it seems odd that that was the conclusion considering that Minneapolis is one of the leading cities in the country for violent crime. In 2018, the FBI uniform crime report stated that violent crime rates for Minneapolis are 108% higher than the national average. So, no, abolishing the police will not make any city, especially Minneapolis, safer.

Blessed are the Peacemakers; Police Officers

The question must be asked, why does law enforcement exist in the first place? Simply put, to enforce the law. Police officers and departments were created to protect citizens from all forms of threats and to be public servants and help the community in any way they can. Which includes stopping the violence that is already ensuing, like rape, kidnap, and murder.

Texas Police rescue kidnapped 8 year old girl

It is seen throughout history that making certain actions illegal has never stopped criminals from breaking the law. Laws are in place to ensure that citizens can live their lives freely, cooperatively, and safely with others as well as to grant them the peace of mind to know they will be protected by law enforcement.

How we live our lives all comes down to personal choices. A person knowingly makes the decision to break the law and they must deal with the consequence of that action. The only way to guarantee criminals are given the justice they deserve is to have a police force committed to protecting communities by putting criminals away for their unlawful behavior.

When a person commits a crime they do it hoping they won’t get caught and if they are they will do anything to keep them from going to jail, even if that means killing an innocent person or police officer. When an officer is responding to crime it is their duty to protect any and all innocent citizens nearby, when someone becomes violent they forfeit the right of priority protection from the police. From that moment on, and always, it is the officers’ duty to protect the innocent, not those committing crimes and who are threats to the public or other police officers.


Due to the nature of a police officer’s job, especially an officer working in cities like Minneapolis or Chicago where violent crime skyrockets daily, it is clear that a social worker or mental health professional is not equipped to deal with such actions. It is illogical to think that a counselor could talk down a crazy person running around killing people and that the talk would save more lives, rather than neutralizing the threat immediately. There are times when the only way to stop unlawful violence is to use justified force, like guns or tear gas, from the police to stop the criminal(s) from ruining more lives and causing more destruction. Ask any parent who lost their child in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, ask any person who lost a friend in the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, or ask any person anywhere who has lost loved ones from violence if they would rather the murderer be talked down rather than being stopped immediately from harming and killing more people. Ask any of those people if they would rather the police be abolished and there not be a reliable defense against mindless, evil people.

Human Nature

Evil will always exist in this world. But so will good. It’s human nature to be selfish, but more evident the heart of humanity is to be serving, compassionate, loving, and protecting. Those are the core founding principles of law enforcement. They work to serve and protect, and we as humans are indebted to them for the care and selflessness that creates the heart of the Thin Blue Line.

Our country is divided worse than it has ever been. There are people willingly putting themselves in danger and doing everything in their power to preserve America, and there are others actively working to destroy the country and the heart and hope of Americans. It began with the ever-present attack on the sanctity of human life, next it was disrupting the undeniable fundamental purpose of the family, then altering and demeaning the value and inherent design of gender, and now it’s devaluing and crushing the heart of humanity. It’s almost as if Edmund Burke knew what modern America would become. Do not sit idly by and watch as our country faces the very real and present threat of totalitarianism from those seeking to destroy Her. Now more than ever Americans need to stand up and defend what is ours. It’s time to take our country back. America was created by the people and for people. And She will be protected by the people too.

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