The Leftist Dream of a Cop-less World Backfires

North Carolina Monday Shooting

In Charlotte, North Carolina a shooting occurred Monday morning. There was a large gathering of people celebrating Juneteenth while other reports suggest it was a block party. During the gathering several people were shot. Below is a video of the incident.

Initial reporting was 2 dead, now its confirmed 3 dead

As the video shows, there were several shots fired and the crowd rushed away to safety. According to the Charlotte Police, the shooting occurred during the time the police were responding to reports of the large gathering. COVID-19 laws are technically still in effect in North Caroline therefore the block party needed to end. The Police Deputy Chief Johnny Jennings reported that there is significant evidence of multiple shooters and that three people were killed with eleven others injured.

CHAZ Shooting in Seattle.

After a shooting two days prior that left a 19-year-old dead, there was yet another. This new shooting is less then 48 hrs after the first and it happen Sunday night. The result of the shooting was one critically injured subject. After the first shooting the Mayor of Seattle said they would be retaking control of CHAZ/CHOP. It is long overdue to dismantle the communist controlled zone.

Law and Order

These two recent shooting are prime examples of how Police officers are needed on the streets to keep law and order. The leftist dream of defunding or dismantling the police would be very devastating for them to handle. It has taken the lives of a few people for some leftist to use a little common sense and realize that an anarchist run community endangers everyone. CHAZ/CHOP is a prime example of what the democrats want to turn the USA into. By first getting rid of police they can create and enforce their own crazy policies. Police officers are truly the thin blue line that is helping preserve the freedom that many Americans died for.

However, like any disaster, it is always advised to have a backup plan. As the leftist try to enforce their agenda it becomes clear that everyone must carry arms in order to secure their God-given rights. This is the case now because depending on the police isnít a valid option in many cities. Right now, it is when supporters of the US constitution must be ready to at a momentís notice protect it. The silent majority needs to get ready to rise up.

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