The Left doesn’t want you to know that President Trump is a 21st Century REFORMER.

Democrats don’t want you to know that Trump has helped the black community more then they have in their cities and under Obama. As recently as yesterday, June 16th, Trump signed an executive order to reform the police. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives has yet to provide a good reform bill without sticking in far-left agenda items. The House Republicans are expected to present their reform bill today. Republicans plan to expand on what Trump’s executive order set in motion.

Police reform is long overdue and its something many though that Obama would handle since his base was heavily African-Americans. Just like prison reform, this is just something else that Trump has to deal with. The democrats made a mess with their crime bill in the 1990s and Trump has been correcting the mess since his inauguration.

The Police Reform Executive Order

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This specific executive order on police reform is based of the idea that there is only a small amount of over-reaching and tyrannical police officers. However, Trump said, “Reducing crime and raising standards are not opposite goals”. The way this would be done is making a database as outline in the executive order that would track police officers that have complaints of excessive force or bad behavior in order to have it more accessible and public. If such a database was created earlier during all the time that Obama got because he claimed to bring CHANGE then Derek Chauvin would have probably not been an officer since he had a dozen complaints.

One of the bigger things in policing is that there isn’t enough training after the initial training. Therefore, there would be financial incentives in order to train and adopt better policing practices. The incentive also encourages teaming up with social workers in nonviolent interactions to help deescalate situations with mentally ill, homeless and addicted people.

Chokeholds are Banned?

Chokeholds are also partially banned with the executive order. This means that it will not be part of police standards to use the chokehold in order to subdue a subject. Limiting the use of the chokehold only to be used when the officer’s life is in danger. This isn’t a new idea since chokeholds have been banned by most police departments in the nation. There will also be a requirement for police departments to get certified in order to establish that their techniques and standards are safe.

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TRUMP is the Reformer, Democrats are ones pushing the black community down.

The executive order is a step towards better policing practices. The Democrats claim that this executive order isn’t enough as they want to remove qualified immunity among other policies such as defunding the police. Democrats think that the Republicans and Trump haven’t done enough yet they haven’t done anything since 2008 when they had Obama in Office. Last time they touched the issue of policing and incarcerations they made it worse with the bills that Joe Biden and the democrats passed in the 1990s. Trump has moved the needle a lot in his 3.5 years so far with prison reform that the left never likes to talk about or his opportunity zones that focus on investing in minority communities. Trump had to create these opportunity zones because the Democrats that are in power in those cites haven’t done anything substantial for their communities.

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President Trump has no plans to defund the police at all since it would be counter-intuitive. There needs to be more annual training and better practices. Defunding the police would cause power vacuums that leftist supported drug lords like the one running the 6-block-self-proclaimed area called, “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) would fill in all over the United States. Under leftist governing there is extortion and lawlessness. President Trump stated that “Americans know the truth: Without police there is chaos. Without law there is anarchy and without safety there is catastrophe”. Any true patriot of the United States understands that the police are the people that help us have and protect our freedom here on US soil. The best way to protect your freedom is by exercising the 2nd amendment but also supporting the men and women who hold the thin blue line against evil.

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