The Democrats are once again doing everything in their power to exaggerate Coronavirus numbers to keep our country locked down until the election. Sign this Petition if you want President Trump to sign an executive order demanding all states to open immediately without business killing restrictions!

After weeks of the Fake News Media and their puppet party, also known as the Democrat Party openly supporting the riots across our nation, the so called “new spike” in Coronavirus is being used by the left to keep our country in lockdown. You would think that they would take part in responsibility for supporting riots that did not participate in social distancing, but you would be wrong; instead, the Democrats are blaming Republicans such as Governor Ron DeSantis for opening their state up for business. This is another example of the Democrats deflecting all blame, and then use that as ammunition to further their own agendas.

Of course once you begin looking at the real numbers of the virus, you will see that the new panic is a complete hoax. While the cases are up, one must remember that testing is also way up; thus the number of cases will increase. Once you begin looking at death numbers from the virus you would think based off what you have watched on the news that the death rate would be skyrocketing, however the death rate is actually way down (as per CDC website).

If the death rate is way down why is there such a big panic? The answer is simple, November 3rd. The Democrats know Joe Biden doesn’t have a chance this election unless they rig the election by using the virus as a way to implement vote by mail, which will lead to massive voter fraud across the nation in the left’s favor.

If you are tired of the left crippling our country for their own political gain, then sign our Raging Patriot petition below to re-open America!

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