SpaceX SN7 Test Tank Suffers Massive Rupture

SpaceX’s SN7 test tank suffered a massive rupture in today’s pressure test. It is currently unknown at what point the tank failed, however last week the same tank had a manhole rupture at the top of the tank after reaching 7.6 bar. After its last rupture, the test tank was patched up and was again tested until failure today. What should be noted, Elon Musk confirmed on twitter that the test was intentionally tested to fail, and that a leak in a tank opposed to a full burst is desirable and reflects the higher durability of the new 304L stainless steel alloy.

The SN7 test tank is the latest of a series of testing for SpaceX’s development of their new Starship rocket. The SN7 was different from the previous tanks as this test tank was made from 304L stainless steel alloy. SpaceX hoped to reach 8 bar in today’s test. It is still unknown if SpaceX achieved their goal. Check out the video of today’s test below!

Video Credit – LabPadre (YouTube)

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