SpaceX Announces Offshore Launch Site Development | SpaceX to Release Beta Version for Starlink!

SpaceX has recently announced that they will be hiring Offshore Operation Engineers to begin building “an operational offshore rocket launch facility”. The development for new offshore rocket launch platforms will be made for SpaceX’s upcoming Starship / superheavy rockets that are currently being developed in Boca Chica Texas.

These new offshore rocket facilities will be for launching humans to the moon, mars, and even earth to earth travel at hypersonic speed (five times the speed of sound).

The reasoning behind moving the launch platforms out to sea is to limit the sound impact on urban areas and other reasons. Passengers will be transported to the launch pad by ferry.

 SpaceX | The Raging Patriot
Photo of a ferry carrying passengers to a floating launch platform for SpaceX’s upcoming Starship/Superheavy – Credit https://www.teslarati.com/

Also in recent SpaceX news, SpaceX’s Starlink which is aiming to create global internet connection with very low latency is beginning to see great progress. With over 500 Starlink satellites in orbit, SpaceX plans on releasing a beta version of their internet service to users in the coming months.

 Starlink | The Raging Patriot
Illustration of a Starlink Satellite | Credit https://www.inverse.com/

SpaceX plans on launching 12,000 satellites into orbit to create a global network of high speed internet connection. SpaceX currently launches around 60 satellites at a time with their Falcon 9 Rocket, but can ultimately launch almost an astonishing 240 Starlink satellites at a time with their upcoming Starship rocket.

 Starlink | The Raging Patriot

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