Sign this Petition if You Demand That Anyone who Joined The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in an Attempt to Break From the United States to be Jailed and Have Their Voting Rights Removed Immediately!

With the Democrat Party and the Fake News Media pushing for divide in our country, many on the right have yet to hold the left accountable for their actions. In an attempt to appease the left, the left has become more radical than ever before, and with it, more destructive.

After months of being forced into endless lockdowns and being forced into unemployment by Democrat leaders, the Democrats and the fake media all of a sudden supported mass gatherings when it meant destruction and divide across the country; of course these gatherings were not “peaceful demonstrations”, but rather violent riots that included mass burnings, looting, beatings, and ultimately rape and murder.

After weeks of these riots, not only has the left continued to protect the rioters, but now blame a so called new “spike” in Coronavirus cases on Republican governors who opened their states, rather than themselves for pushing and supporting these mass riots across the country.

Every action the left has taken has faced zero consequences from many Republican leaders, and this has only made things worse. The Democrats will continue to push for fraudulent “vote by mail” in key swing states and now defend these autonomous zones as seen in Seattle. If you are tired of the left and demand that Republican leaders hold them accountable (starting with the autonomous zones), then vote in our Raging Patriot poll below!

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