Should NASA Continue Developing Their Single Use SLS Rocket, or Focus on Private Space Companies Like SpaceX & Blue Origin to Develop Their Massive Reusable Rockets?

After years of delay and cost overruns, the SLS rocket’s future has been in question by many. The SLS rocket if developed will be without a doubt one of the greatest and most powerful rockets ever assembled in America’s dream of returning to the moon and beyond. However, with companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin developing their own massive rockets, the need for SLS has been questioned. Furthermore if developed, the SLS rocket will still be a single use rocket at the end of the day, which means the cost per launch will be a minimum of $500 million and likely more, where as SpaceX’s Starship with Superheavy can ultimately cost as little as $2 million per launch with rapid reusability.

The SLS rocket would be NASA’s most powerful rocket since their Saturn V rocket that sent the Apollo astronauts to the moon, and during a time where the current President’s administration plans on going back to the moon by 2024 with a permanent colony, NASA will need a rocket capable of lifting massive wait to the lunar surface.

At the end of the day it is amazing to see so much activity and excitement in space development, something not seen in decades. With multiple powerful rockets in development aimed at taking humanity to other planets, it has truly become an amazing time to be alive! Check out our Raging Patriot Poll below and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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