Rayshard Brooks: Fact v. Fiction

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Rayshard Brooks

It is incredibly dishonest and misleading how the mainstream media paints an inaccurate narrative of Rayshard Brooks in a light that doesn’t reflect the truth of his life. It would appear that leftist based “news” organizations are pushing a political agenda to suit the current narrative that holds no basis in reality.

Here are the facts:

1. Rayshard Brook’s criminal record shows he was charged with: cruelty to children, a previous DUI, false imprisonment, battery on family member, violating probation, amongst other things. His record dates back 10 years. I state this not to say he deserved to die, but to speak to Brook’s character and moral inclinations.

2. He was passed out drunk at the Wendy’s drive through from intoxication when the cops were called. Once the officers were able to bring Rayshard to consciousness, they had a long amicable conversation with him during which they administered a sobriety test, and subsequently failed it. He was above the legal limit to drive.

3. When the officers tried arresting him to take him to jail, presumably so he could sleep the intoxication off and not be a danger to others driving on the road – Rayshard became violent, resisted arrest, assaulted the officers, and stole one of their tasers.

4. Rayshard then tried escaping their custody, but not before turning back and firing the taser he stole from the officer at one of them – at which point Rayshard was then shot and passed away thereafter.

The murder of George Floyd absolutely cannot be equated to what occurred with Rayshard Brooks. What George experienced was police brutality, and Rayshard was shot as a consequence to his violent actions. Rayshard’s case is incomparable to what happened to George Floyd, and I condemn the police brutality that George Floyd faced – as anyone with common sense would. The video footage of Rayshard’s case will be interesting to see play out in court. Rayshard was a violent criminal with a history, who posed a threat to the officers, and the citizens around him with a stolen weapon. Some argue that the officers should have shot to disarm, which is why so many are calling for police reform.

The Wendy’s where this occurred was subsequently burned down by Rayshard’s suspected girlfriend.

Atlanta’s Response + Paul Howard’s Problematic History

A few Atlanta police officers called out of work after the two officers, Rolfe and Brosnan were charged. Keisha Bottoms, the Mayor of Atlanta, said that the shooting wasn’t “justified force” used on Brooks, and Paul Howard, the Atlanta DA, echoed her sentiments. Interestingly, in May the Georgia Bureau of Investigation put Paul Howard under investigation for corruption. He is claimed to have used a non profit to funnel City of Atlanta funds into his personal account, and is facing allegations of sexual harassment which he denies. He’s being challenged for another election that’s coming up soon.

Typically, the DA works with the GBI while GBI does the investigation and works with the DA to bring forward the charges. However, Paul Howard has rushed out charges without consulting the GBI – perhaps because the GBI is already investigating him, no? Mr. Howard claimed that Brosnan has agreed to be a “witness,” which is incorrect. The attorney for Brosnan has spoken out against Mr. Howard’s false claim.

A Double Standard?

Paul Howard just weeks earlier prosecuted officers on the basis of them using tasers citing it as a “deadly weapon, under Georgia law.” A taser can be used to immobilize a victim, forcing them to become defenseless against an attacker. It would seem then, that Rayshard Brooks turning back to fire the stolen taser at the officer would constitute as “deadly force” – thus vindicating officer Rolfe, does it not? Is there a double standard? A violent suspect is allowed to use a stolen taser on an officer and it’s not considered a “deadly weapon?” The logic in the case Mr. Howard presents is highly flawed, and contradicts his previous statements on the use of a taser. However, Georgia law is clear on the matter.

Fame Is The Name Of The Game

It would seem that Mr. Howard is trying to make a name for himself just before the election by pandering to his Democratic constituents and the mob, based on his hypocritical actions and lack of respect for due process in allowing the GBI to get involved to do a thorough, legitimate investigation.

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