President Trump Just Suggested That if you Burn the American Flag, you Should go to Jail for 1 Year, Sign this Petition if you Want to see This Happen!

After years of left becoming more radical, the Democrat’s destructive anti-American behavior is finally being exposed. The radical left Democrats want to defund and dismantle our great police departments all across our country, abolish ICE, then strip away our second amendment; thus leaving American’s completely defenseless. The Democrats want illegal aliens to come to the United States unchecked, and receive free healthcare with the right to vote, all at Americans’ expense.

In recent weeks, the true destructiveness that Democrats will bring to our country if elected on November 3rd is being displayed in major cities all across America. The Democrats want vicious MS13 killers to walk our streets while jailing innocent Americans who are at a public park or want to work. The Democrats have become a party that hates police officers who put their lives on the line each and every day, and then vilifies them to make them look like evil pigs.

While conservatives back the President and love our country, the Democrats continue to become more extreme, and burn the beautiful American flag. Last night at President Trump’s first rally in months, President Trump had suggested that anyone who burns the American flag should go to jail for one year. If you support this, sign our Raging Patriot petition below!

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