President Trump has a 96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party, Do you Stand with the President?

After years of the fake news media and the Democrat Party doing everything in their power to hurt the President, President Trump’s support has never been stronger amongst Republican Voters. No matter what fake hoax the Democrat’s created, the American people saw right threw the corruption and ultimately found out it was the Democrats who were responsible for what they accused President Trump of doing.

After years of investigation, and over $30 million dollars spent on the fake Russia Hoax, the FBI found nothing that can charge President Trump with colluding with the Russians. Furthermore, it turns out Hillary Clinton had made corrupt dealings with the Russian government; receiving nearly $150 million dollars towards the Clinton Foundation for 20% of Americas uranium.

Now after the failed impeachment hoax, the Democrats are trying to weaponize the Coronavirus to push their agenda, acquire more power / authority, and influence the 2020 election with fraudulent “vote by mail” in key swings states like Michigan. The American people are tired of a party who puts their party and agenda over the safety and wellbeing of the American people. Americans are fed up over endless lockdowns and want to go back to work. This combination is what has allowed President Trump to strengthen his base and support. Vote in our Raging Patriot poll below!

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