NYC’s Museum of Natural History just Announced that they will Remove their Teddy Roosevelt Statue Because of “Colonial Expansion and Racial Discrimination”, Sign this Petition if you want to see President Trump Sign an Executive Order Stopping Democrats from Destroying America’s History and Culture!

The Democrats have become so radical that they wish to destroy anything that they do not believe in. The Democrats first attacked the first amendment with our freedom of speech. They silence conservatives for voicing different opinions on social media, and want to create laws for anyone who does not conform to gender safe words.

The Democrats for years attacked having a strong border wall and our second amendment, and have made our great police officers across our country illustrated as monsters. Fast forward to 2020 and you get a good glimpse of what Democrats would do if they had control. Police departments across the country would be destroyed, our second amendment stripped away, our freedom of speech a thing of the past, and now all of our history that made our country great would be erased and replaced.

In recent weeks, the Democrats are once again attacking our great statues because it represents a history the Democrats want to forget. We are now at a point where everything is racist, including Washington, Jefferson and now TR, so what does that mean? According to the Democrats it means their statues must be destroyed and their history must be removed from our history books. If you are tired of the Democrats destroying our great history, sign the Raging Patriot petition below to help us get enough signatures to send this to the White House!

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