MUST READ: Kentucky PATRIOTS respond to mayors removal of American flags

Bowling Green, Kentucky decided to show their patriotism today when Mayor Bruce Wilkerson ordered the removal of all American flags from city-owned property. As of 1:30 p.m. the only flags still flying was at the county Bowling Green Fire Department where the members raised their own flag as well as the Warren County Sheriff’s Office. 

 Bowling Green | The Raging Patriot

When WBKO News out of Bowling Green asked Wilkerson his reason, he said that he could not give the reason. To Daily News, he would only say,

“I recommended them being taken down. I don’t want to comment on that at the present time.” 

Around 2 p.m on Friday, June 19, after multiple calls from concerned citizens, he issued a statement over social media. The statement read: 

“Regarding recent information received about outside groups coming through our area today, it seemed prudent to protect our American flags by placing them in safekeeping for a brief period of time. Our citizens are rightly concerned about our nation’s symbol. They will be returned tomorrow.”

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Even after the official statement, citizens were infuriated. 

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Some patriots took matters into their own hands by bringing a flag and hoisting it up at the downtown city police department.

Other city commissioners were never consulted and shocked to hear of the mayor’s statement. 

Commissioner Brian “Slim” Nash said:

 “Today, Bowling Green Mayor Bruce Wilkerson ordered that the Flag of the United States be taken down at all or some city buildings. The Mayor made this decision without consultation or input from the Bowling Green City Commission which, I believe, is improper. Only he can answer as to why he made this decision.”

Commissioner Dana Beasley-Brown confirmed that she had no knowledge of the proceedings.

“The Mayor and the City Manager made the decision to remove the flags in secret. I was not aware of the decision until the media informed me. This is unacceptable and I am outraged.”

Amongst this outrage, local man, Eric Phelps decided to take the matter into his own hand. He took his own personal flag and held it outside of City Hall.

Daily News interviewed him, where he said,

“I spoke with the mayor and asked why the flag was down. “He told me that he could tell me, but I would have to keep our conversation confidential. I refused. …

That flag has been bloodied, torn and soiled on countless battlefields and has always been picked up. There is never an excuse for it coming down.”

He then added that he planned to put his own flags on as many city flag poles as he could. Phelps said that he had received great support from the community.

Watch video here

Warren County constable who is also a veteran and previous LEO, Daniel William, also took to holding a flag outside of the Bowling Green Police Department.

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While the mayor coward in fear of the mob, true civilian patriots took charge. Acts of patriotism such as this are truly the heart of America. The flag is the symbol of America. The flag and freedom will continue to fly high in America as long as its citizens are willing to take the initiative to insure it. 

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Bowling green residents gather at a corner downtown waving American flags
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The Warren County Sheriff’s office was one of the only few who stood their ground against the mayor and kept their flags up. #BackTheBlue
 Bowling Green | The Raging Patriot
THIS is why you don’t remove American flags. This man’s son is overseas so we can stay free and fly our flags high and proud!

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