Muhammad Aliís Son Says Dad Would Have Been Behind ĎAll Lives Matterí

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In a new story that you most likely will never hear CNN talk about, Muhammad Ali’s son Muhammad Ali Jr. laid some words down that the left won’t like too much about Black Lives Matter.

In an interview with the New York Post, Ali Jr. claimed that his father would think that these people “ain’t nothing but devils”. In fact, Ali Jr. took it a step further and said that he believes that the movement itself is racist. He said that he believes that God loves everyone regardless of what they look like. He says that “killing is wrong no matter who it is.”

Obey The Mob Or Stand Up for Truth?

I think this is a very important time in America, where we stand at a point that one ideological group is okay with shutting down anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This group seems to have taken over the mainstream media as the media is consistently covering up their lies on a daily basis.

Ali Jr. was asked by the New York Post about police brutality and his response isn’t exactly what the mob would like to hear. He said “Police donít wake up and think, Iím going to kill a nó-r today or kill a white man, Theyíre just trying to make it back home to their family in one piece.” Lets take a step back and analyze this statement made by Ali Jr.

The Police Want To Make it Home

Can you put yourself in the shoes of an officer for a moment and think about what they are doing daily. Every day they come out and sacrifice for the community and what do they get in return? A very average salary and an increased chance of death? Why do these officers do what they do? Like Ali Jr. said, they don’t wake up and hope to kill someone. No police officer wants to just simply ruin his life, these circumstances are complicated and cannot be judged based off of one short video.

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He Supports Donald Trump

In another statement in his interview, Ali Jr. said that he hates BLM because it is taking the Black community in America and saying it is us against you. He said that he supports the President and that his father Muhammad Ali would’ve also supported Trump. This is not something that you would expect to hear. Will CNN or MSNBC let their viewers know about these words? Probably not, it doesn’t fit the agenda.

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