Miami’s Mayor Ordered for Masks to be Worn in Public (Including Outside) at all Times, Those who Disobey These Orders can Face up to 60 Days in Jail, a Maximum Fine of $500 or Both! Sign This Petition if you Want President Trump to Sign an Executive Order Overriding This Unconstitutional Anti-Freedom Order in Miami, Along with any Other Democrat Policy Like This Across the Country!

Just like every Democrat policy, it is the law abiding citizens who get punished for others’ actions. For weeks now the left and the fake media have been protecting and promoting the disgusting riots across the country that were made up of thousands of rioters, looters, murders etc. without any caution to spreading the Coronavirus. However now that there is a spike in cases, the rioters aren’t being blamed, Republicans who opened their states for its citizens to go back to work are.

As a result, places like Miami are now being forced to wear masks (including outside) or face 60 days in jail, a $500 fine or both. This has proven where the Democrat’s priorities lies and it’s not with the American people. You cannot attend church, but you can destroy and burn down a church, you cannot go to work, but you can destroy and burn down someone’s place of work, you cannot go to a park with your kids, but you can vandalize a park. This double standard has taken over the fake media and their Democrat party puppets and it has gone too far.

If you are tired of the Democrats continuing to push their agenda while dragging down our country, then sign our Raging Patriot petition below. This ridiculous mask enforcement may not effect you personally, but if the Democrats are not stopped now, it eventually will in one way or another.

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