Look for the helpers.

America has seen a whole lot of evil and destruction in the last few days. Unfortunately, a bad cop murdered George Floyd and since then there has been nothing but chaos. There has been so much fear and the people of this country are left with nothing but a feeling of unease. Many people are turning this feeling into rage and are rioting in the streets. But many are already rebuilding what those rioters have destroyed. The mainstream media only reports on the evil and the destruction, but there is so much more good in this world than we see everyday.

 Fred Rogers | The Raging Patriot

A quote that was recently shown to me states that there are always people helping. When there is obvious evil in the world, it is hard to see the good. But, just because it is not widely reported, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Many videos have been circulating on social media, showing us the helpers and the do good-ers. They are rebuilding the fallen cities, standing with our law enforcement, many even gathering in prayer together.

Columbus Clean Up after protests

Law Enforcement stands with protestors

Clean Up crews refusing payment in Salt Lake City

It is clear that even though some intend to increase the divide between our people, there are Americans working even harder to close that divide. Not all cops are murderers. Not all black people are criminals. Not all people are hateful. We are one human race that should come together in this time of despair and lean on one another. This is a time to help. Help each other through our sadness and our fear. This is a time to rebuild our families, communities, cities and Country. This is a time to help educate ourselves. This is a time to help… not a time to destroy. Even George Floyd’s brother has said that rioting and violence “will not bring his brother back”. We need to help each other rebuild this country. This is a time to look outside of ourselves and our fear. This is a time to love and to be loved. This is the time to be the helper in the midst of the scary things in the news.

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