All That Glitters Isn’t Gold: Lies of the Media


There is a lot of confusion, misinformation, and disinformation spreading through the media and America today about the history of racism. Things like: “America was built on slavery”, “Law enforcement is a system of violence and prejudice”, “White supremacy and privilege rage strong through the country”, “Slavery started in America”, and many others. None of these are true. Let’s prove it.

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Slavery Throughout The World

Historians believe that slavery is rooted over 11,000 years ago. Evidence shows that slavery may have originated in Mesopotamia from the code of Hammurabi. As the world became more civilized, developed, and organized, human slavery increased. Sumer of Sumeria is believed to be the birthplace of slavery, which went from Sumer to Greece and other parts of ancient Mesopotamia.

The practice of slavery changed greatly throughout the Middle Ages (500 AD – 1500 AD). King Charlamagne began selling Europeans as slaves which became very popular in Muslim nations. The beginning of the Global Slave Trade can be traced to this time in history.

Near and during the year 1001, records show that approximately 100,000 children and young people were enslaved by Mahmud in Ghazna. Historical documents show that royals from the Tang Dynasty purchased many European and Jewish slaves. Soldiers and pirates, from the Tang Dynasty, raided Korea, Turkey, Persia, Indonesia, and the Aboriginal tribes, taking numbers of slaves.

1619 is when the first slaves were brought from Africa to Jamestown, Virginia. Historians are unsure if this is when the slave trade began in the Americas because indentured servitude was already a common practice. Because of the Royal African Slave Company, slavery boomed in the British colonies.

European colonies were dependent on slaves producing sugar and coffee, and that is where the majority of African slaves were taken. Slavery continued in America and across the world for decades and is still a problem today.

History of Abolition

Some of the countries in Western Europe in 1500 were the first places to end slavery. In the early 1800s, the ending of the Global Slave Trade began, anyone caught transporting slaves would be tried in court and the captured were set free.

President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, declaring all slaves in Confederate territory were free. This did not end slavery, but was a great step in making it happen. Many slaves used the Underground Railroad started by Harriet Tubman to free themselves and others. In 1865, the Union gained control of the Confederacy and all slaves in the South were formally and finally freed.

Moving Forward

Even though slavery was illegal, it was still a long road ahead. But due to the brave efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and many others, it is a very different America for black Americans. The Civil Rights movement brought great change to our country struggling with racism. It’s no secret that the United States has a history of racism, it’s rather unfortunate. But it’s a different story today than it was many years earlier.

7 Racism Myths Debunked

ONE: “America was built on slavery.” Unfortunately, yes, there is a history of slavery in the United States, but America was built by the Founding Fathers, the people who fought and died in the Revolutionary War, and every war after, and the thousands of good, honest Americans who have helped this nation grow and thrive.

TWO: “The Democrats ended slavery and Republicans are racist.” Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and he signed the Emancipation Proclamation and fought to end slavery. History.com states “Southern Democrats favored slavery in all territories…The Union victory of the Civil War left Republicans in control of Congress…for the rest of the 19th century…The Democratic party solidified its hold on the South, as most white southerners opposed the Republican measures protecting civil and voting rights for African Americans.

THREE: “Slavery started in America.” Take a look at the history breakdown above.

FOUR: “Black men are killed in large numbers by white men every year.” This is a lie propagated by the media. Below are reports from the FBI that prove otherwise. It’s important to note that there are more unborn black babies killed in abortion clinics nationwide than will ever be killed on the streets.

Founder and President of Live Action, Lila Rose, gave this statement in 2018:

“Our investigations have shown Planned Parenthood accepting race-based donations and this Black History Month, I remind the country that the abortion industry is uniquely racist and eugenic in its founding, ideology, and current business model. Abortion is the most institutionalized form of racism in America.  An estimated 649 abortions are committed on black women every single day. And while black women make up 12 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 38 percent of reported abortions. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger deemed those she thought less of as “human weeds” and her eugenist legacy has led to abortion being the number one killer of African Americans, with black abortions outnumbering the top nine leading causes of death for black Americans combined. Even as the United States abortion rate is at its lowest since Roe v. Wade, black women are at least 3.8 times, if not five times more likely to have an abortion as white women. Abortion giant Planned Parenthood has specifically targeted minority communities with its physical presence and heavy marketing in these communities, subsidized by our federal tax dollars.  It is time we fully defund Planned Parenthood and all abortion providers of federal and state taxpayer dollars and protect all preborn lives.”

FIVE: “Law enforcement is a system of violence and prejudice.” Law enforcement was designed to protect the citizens, and sometimes that does mean using force. The VAST majority of police are good, decent, honest people who want to serve and protect their cities. Yes, there have been a few instances of bad police, but it’s not what the media says it is.

SIX: “White supremacy and privilege rage strong across the country.” White supremacy is nowhere near an issue as it was in the past. There may be a very small select few who believe that but it’s not rampant in the country and it’s not fundamental to any necessary institutions. White privilege does not exist, it is a virtue-signaling tactic made up by the Left forcing white people to feel bad for no reason. It’s a scam.

SEVEN: “Donald Trump is a racist.” This is a total lie. Before he took office he hired hundreds of people from various ethnic backgrounds to work for his companies. During his presidency, he lowered the unemployment rate significantly across every demographic. For the first time in recorded history, there were more job openings than job-seeking Americans before the virus hit. Pre-pandemic, the economy was soaring and wages increased over 3% consecutively for 16 months. Over 2.4 million Americans have been lifted out of poverty, which includes people of all races since he took office. He supports school choice. President Trump has made great strides with prison reform: after rising during the two years before Trump took office, in 2017 and 2018 violent crime rates fell. He signed The First Step Act to make the criminal justice system fairer and communities safer. He promotes second-chance hiring to give former inmates the chance to find employment and live crime-free lives. The DoE has begun an initiative to give former prisoners pell grants to help prepare them for the workforce. The DoJ and Bureau of Prisons launched a “Ready to Work” initiative to connect former inmates with employers. $2.2 million have been given to states from the Department of Labor to expand fidelity bonds which will underwrite companies that will hire previous prisoners.

Dishonoring the memory of George Floyd

For the last week and a half, the entire country has felt great dismay over the wrongful death of George Floyd. It was horrible what happened to him, he should still be alive. While Americans are terribly saddened by this, there are others who are using his death to shout claims of racism and systemic oppression that are non-existent.

Protests, turned riots, have ensued across the nation against police brutality and racism. Of course, there are some bad police officers out there. That is the case with all professions; bad teachers, doctors, mechanics, cashiers, businessmen, etc. However, it is the truth that the VAST majority of police officers are good, honest, hardworking public servants who strive to keep their communities safer.

These protests which have turned to dangerous and violent riots are a gross dishonor to George Floyd. His family members are calling out for the riots and violence to stop, that George would not want any of this, and that it won’t bring him back. His family is begging for the destruction to end, listen.

Recently, the phrase “all lives can’t matter until black lives matter” has been circling on social media. That is sad, wrong, and counterproductive to what Black Lives Matter is supposed to stand for. All lives do in fact matter, says so in the Bible and the Constitution. Black lives do matter! So do white, brown, and every color! There is no system of racism oppressing minorities in America today, that is long gone. Unfortunately, there are still racist individuals, that’s awful. This new mantra is supposed to be a “metaphorical symbol for change” but it’s inaccurate and disgusting. This phrase negates the life and death of George Floyd, every person who has endured and died from racism, and every enslaved person throughout the history of the world. Black lives do matter and to say that all lives won’t until black ones do, proves otherwise.

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