Justified shooting? Atlanta Police walk out following murder charge against officer who shot Rayshard Brooks

Justified shooting? Atlanta Police walk out following murder charge against officer who shot Rayshard Brooks - Killing of Rayshard Brooks | The Raging Patriot
Rayshard Brooks and Officer Rolfe;
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The Walk-Out

After yesterdays announcement of charging Officer Garret Rolfe with felony murder and Officer Devin Brosnanwith with aggravated assault and other charges, many of the Atlanta Police Department did not show up to their next shift. Dozens of officers called in “sick” in an attempt to walk-out due to the treatment Officers have received over the weekend

When reports where coming in last night of Operator Lines being silent in certain precincts of the city the Twitter for the Atlanta Police Department tweeted this tweet:

Many suggest this tweet was just an attempt to soothe over panic that was building up on social media last night. However, the force was definitely short staffed and could face even more “sick calls” from Officers in the coming days. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has been highly critical of the Atlanta PD and has been making statements such as calling the shooting of Rayshard Brooks “Murder.” Bottoms also said that Atlanta police policies should make clear that officers are expected to be “guardians, not warriors” within the community. She said the department’s ‘use-of-force’ policy was already under review by a task force that convened last week.

“You get what you ask for…”

This is a perfect example of the saying “you get what you ask for.” Many people in Atlanta, Georgia are just like you and me. Normal American citizens who love our country and want positive change to occur from any sort of injustice. But rather what we are witnessing here is the loss of our 1st Amendment Rights by having “Rule by the Mob” mentality running rampant in our country. There is no form of justice when tyranny of the majority happens. These are the exact instances that our founding fathers were worried of ever occurring in the first place. We are living in a country where it seems rather than live by the Constitution we are living by whatever the mob says so.

What's Happening in Atlanta, Georgia? - Killing of Rayshard Brooks | The Raging Patriot
Wendys in Atlanta Georgia burnt by BLM Demonstrators

When I continue to see pictures of burnt buildings like this one of the Wendys in Atlanta it brings tears to my eyes. Not the tears of a crying liberal, but ones of a Patriot in sorrow at the scene of seeing the our Constitution Rights and Justice System being torn right from this country’s people. It saddens me to see all the politicians bending a knee to the Black Lives Matter group when one of the founding principles of our Nation is that America bears no allegiance to anyone but our Almighty Creator.

Where do we go now?

How do we move forward now? For me it has been frustrating to see many politicians take the sideline, especially Republicans, as many are too scared of the mob. They are in fear that if they speak out or do something that if they don’t”obey the mob that they will lose their job.

 Greg Hughes | The Raging Patriot
Utah Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Hughes
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But there is hope. One example of hope that I want to share comes from the Utah Gubernatorial Race, candidate Greg Hughes. The morning immediately following the violent protests in Salt Lake City, Utah, Greg was out there on the scene with followers cleaning up the streets and graffiti left behind. No other candidate was found in Utah and many politicians were still hiding in their homes. Hughes continued to clean up all the mess for the majority of the day. He denounced the demonstrations by saying,

“We have a right to peacefully assemble! Thatís in the U.S. Constitution. But a judge took that right away from those Tooele business people. Too bad there was no judge to tell those protesters to go riot in their own homes… But that very same Saturday we had people rioting. There was no social distancing. Too bad there was no judge to tell those protesters to go riot in their own homes… When you let lawlessness flow like a fountain and spread, more people are victimized and more people suffer. You canít have a governor who tolerates that.Ē

“Candidate Greg Hughes condemns protest violence” -Cachevalleydaily.com

In the end there still is hope! There are Patriots like me and you that will stand up for the great values our ancestors worked so hard for us to secure. We will stand up to the mob. We will not fear. We will stand our ground.

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