It is time to get Lifelong Politicians out of Congress and Drain the Swamp! Sign this Petition if you Want to see Term Limits in Congress NOW!

Lifelong politicians are the reason for many of the issues facing our country today. Many who first serve in the US congress are unknown, yet somehow over the course of their time in Congress, they end up with millions of dollars. The longer someone spends in Congress, the more corrupt they become.

Nancy Pelosi has become a great example on why we need term limits. Since 1987, Nancy Pelosi has been a member of Congress and has become radicalized by the Democrat party. No longer is she concerned about the American people, but instead about gaining power and becoming more wealthy. While American’s suffered durring the Pandemic, Nancy Pelosi refused to be at work and instead enjoyed ice cream from her $20K refrigerator. Pelosi isn’t the only politicians who has been in Congress for too long, and it is not just a Democrat issue, it goes for the Republicans as well.

The longer our politicians stay in government, the more corrupt they become and the more out of touch they become with the American people (who they are supposed to be working for). If you are tired of lifelong politicians, then sign our Raging Patriot petition below!

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