How “Being Woke” Is Ruining America

By Zachary Lampropoulos | June 6, 2020


As Americans are fleeing religion at a quick pace, many are grabbing a hold of “Wokeness” to provide a moral compass. The word woke in todays usage typically means to be aware of social and racial injustices. This term, however has been twisted by many people on the radical left who prefer virtue signaling over legitimate change. A perfect example of this occurred a few days ago when a woke influencer turned a protest into a full blown photo shoot.

There are rights of passage to be a part of the “Religion of Wokeness.” To be woke you must make public apologies for statements that could offend someone even when factual. You also must recognize and admit your privilege if you are white (apologize if necessary). Leftist culture has been silencing Americans for many years, and wokeness is another bullet in their chamber when it comes to destroying the reputation of those in the way of their agenda; such as Drew Brees.

Perhaps one of the most woke ideas in modern history is paying $350,000 in “Slavery Reparations” to everyone who identifies as African-American. This idea may seem crazy to many, but if you truly want to “be woke” you must simply listen and repeat, listen and believe. This is what it takes to be woke, simply trusting and repeating anything somebody above you on the woke hierarchy says. Congratulations! You are on your way to becoming a woke individual. 

We live in a very polarized America, and it is important that we all remember the true American ideals and virtues such as rights, equality, and opportunity. These are the values that America was founded upon, despite what the media may tell you. These ideals are what make this the greatest country on Earth. These are the things that bring us as Americans together. We can not allow ideas like wokeness to soil the America that many have sacrificed to preserve.

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