County in Oregon Exempts Non-White People in Face Mask Order

A new face mask requirement in Lincoln County, Oregon, exempts non-white people under the excuse of prevention of racial profiling. Residents must wear face coverings in public areas and remain six feet apart from others, except for people of color. Health officials explained that any person of color with “heightened concerns about racial profiling and harassment” over wearing a mask will not be required to wear one in public, thereby increasing the risk of the virus spreading. “No person shall intimidate or harass people who do not comply,” health officials included. After months of forcing mask-wearing upon people and decrying anyone who refuses as a lunatic who wants their grandparents dead, faux racial justice now supersedes tangible health concerns.

Coming to the defense of the absurdity, ReNika Moore, director of the ACLU’s Racial Justice Program, told CNN, “For many black people, deciding whether or not to wear a bandanna in public to protect themselves and others from contracting coronavirus is a lose-lose situation that can result in life-threatening consequences either way,” without providing a single example of an unjust murder of an African-American for solely wearing a bandanna and, in a twisted way, racial profiling by assuming black people wouldn’t wear the general surgical mask and always wear bandannas.

Of course, this entire proposition, on its face, is obscenely preposterous. On dozens of different levels, the decision to only require the white population to wear face masks does nothing to address the oppressive systemic racism or racial profiling this ruling pretends to combat. In fact, decisions such as this work exactly backward, forcing anti-racist and anti-discrimination sentiments beyond their limits of effectiveness and into discrimination itself. If the influence from movements such as Black Lives Matter honestly seeks true equality, punishing and villainizing individuals for the skin color cuts directly against the supposed foundational principles of Black Lives Matter. Imagine if this decision exempted white people from wearing masks and the level of ensuing outrage from the Left.

Even on a medical level, African-American and Latin/Hispanic communities suffer much higher death rates due to COVID-19, according to the CDC, and, as should the rest of the nation, should wear masks more vigilantly to slow the spread of the virus. This policy thrusts their entire county into the unnecessary risk of spreading the virus under the guise of racial justice. However, policies such as Lincoln County’s awful mask requirement do not exist to combat COVID-19 or to help flatten the curve. Instead, the government has involved itself in the bitter vengeance led by movements like Black Lives Matter, aligning themselves with the spite.

The fight against discrimination has escalated into a brutal revenge campaign against largely guiltless groups, primarily white Americans and police officers. Even if the vast majority of white Americans have never participated in racist behavior and stand against racism, the very attribute of being white has been demonized. White Americans must shoulder the centuries-old guilt of sins they never committed. Rebecca Carroll writes in The Atlantic that “Miserable is exactly how the white people who want to help should be feeling right now, and then they should sit with that misery until something breaks in their brain.” According to the Left, white Americans must torture themselves or they cannot atone for the sins of their ancestors. Simply not being a racist no longer satisfies racial justice. They must endure an agony they never caused.

For police officers, the men and women who put their lives at risk to serve as the only barrier between crime and the innocent, the protests injured more than 400 law enforcement officers and killed two in only the first week after the murder of Floyd. More recently, In Tampa Bay, Florida, a group of hundreds of protesters ambushed and injured two police officers. After responding to reports of shots being fired near an intersection by the Ybor City neighborhood over the weekend, hundreds of people surrounded the officers and threw bottles and glass at them. Luckily, both officers only suffered minor wounds.

On a cultural level, vandalizing and tearing down statues and monuments of American symbols such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln incites an incendiary war on America itself. Tearing down statues of Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, the Union general who ended slavery, discredits their anti-racist platform and exposes their anti-American agenda.

And now our own elected politicians have begun to aid such this destructive movement. Though a mostly insignificant development in a small county in Oregon, the presence of laws exempting people of color under the guise of racial justice should be taken very seriously. Previously only a social tidal wave, now the revenge campaign influenced by movements like Black Lives Matter has entered the legal realm, deciding laws and employing the mighty hand of government to force compliance, a dangerous and alarming trend if policies such as this catch on elsewhere.

Even included in Lincoln County’s decision dealt with harassment, banning complaining and suppressing anyone who disagrees. Despite putting the county at heightened risk, misdiagnosing racial injustice and punishing white people for sins they never committed must come first.

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