Conservative Censorship


Politics is often a difficult subject to talk about, both in person and online.  Living in the tech and social media era of today, it is easier now more than ever to consume and share information.  Someone has to control and monitor social media, but are they doing it fairly?


Earlier this month, Marjorie Greene, a Georgia based candidate for Congress, caused some stir with a campaign ad she made.  In the video, she is holding an AR-15 and calls out Antifa members by telling them “to stay out of hell out of northwest Georgia.”  The ad was removed by Facebook, but not by Twitter.  Facebook claimed that the ad was removed because it “…advocates the use of deadly weapons against a clearly defined group of people, [and] for violating our policies against inciting violence…”  What is interesting about this specifically is that Greene made another ad in which she actually uses an AR-15.  She shoots at targets that represent things like socialism and the Green New Deal.  This ad, up to this point, has not been removed by Facebook even though she uses a weapon in it.  Perhaps it didn’t get removed because she is not threatening a specific person or maybe it is a form of conversative censorship.   

President Trump has long believed that social media censors conversative viewpoints.  This is an issue close to the heart of the president as he typically tweets multiple times a day, every single day.  President Trump actually met with Twitter management back in April of 2019 to discuss this issue.  According to the media companies, “They deny censorship of conservative voices but acknowledge they’ve made missteps in moderating content. They also concede that their staffers tend to be liberal” (Fritze).  Maybe it’s accidental, but it seems that there does appear to be a bias in the content that is allowed on social media.  


In a world of fake news, who really knows what is going on with big time social media platforms.  It is really difficult to remain unbiased when a person holds their own specific beliefs, but that is no excuse for prohibiting the views of others.  Hopefully the issue of censorship will not be a problem in the future.  


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