CHAZ: “Welcome to Woketopia”

 Seattle Police Department - East Precinct | The Raging Patriot

Just when the year of 2020 seems to have reached the limit on how nuts it can go, it doesn’t cease to surprise us one more time. Seattle has been partly surrendered to a new nation called CHAZ. This an “autonomous zone” which means they have basically declared that they are no longer part of the United States of America.

This seems like something that you would see right out of a cartoon like South Park or Family Guy. In fact, there are clips all over the internet right now that show us just how these people think.


The Mayor of Seattle is incompetent

When these sorts of things start to happen, you start to wonder how the elected politicians in these cities got any votes. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has been acting like a child all week as she pretends that CHAZ is a place for “self expression.” President Trump got on twitter as he usually does and called her out.

President Trump is 100% right, this woman seriously doesn’t have a clue. Her own police chief says that there have been many reports of high crime in the area and they cannot do anything about it because the Mayor has allowed CHAZ to become legitimate. Bernard B. Kerik, the police commissioner of the NYPD, held nothing back when he also called her out on twitter.

It is quite a big problem when your own mayor is more worried about getting likes on twitter by clapping back to the President with some childish remark rather than actually taking care of her own citizens.

Conservatives sit back and enjoy the show

Conservatives everywhere have begun to transition their opinion on CHAZ from outrage to laughter. Fox News was even out reporting from the US/Chaz border last night. The predictable failures of this are happening in real time as they beg for food and run out of supplies. They even built a “racist” wall and are asking for ID to avoid an illegal immigrants from entering.

This will be a wonderful lesson for all of the woke socialists who believe that the system of America needs radical change. Imagine if they were actually under an oppressive government, would they still be breathing or would they have been wiped out already? It seems to me that these people have so much freedom that they have to start inventing ideas about how they are oppressed. Let us allow one thing to be learned from this, Woketopia is going to give South Park a very funny episode and we will all be laughing as we watch.

Reparations have begun in CHAZ ????

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