Chaz/Chop Becoming More Aggressive Toward Neighbors

 Seattle Police Department | The Raging Patriot

The wonderful country of Chaz has seen many ups and downs since its humble founding. We have seen everything from gardening, to shooting within the walls of the autonomous zone. Since the beginning violence has been a problem within the small community. This is to be expected when a group of hostile extremists take over a part of a major city. The violence has slowly but surely crept outside of the walls of Chaz and into the neighborhood.

 Capitol Hill Organized Protest | The Raging Patriot

There have been many promises made by the Mayor and Governor, but very little has changed. Matthew Ploszaj, a resident in the neighborhood spoke with Seattles local KOMO news. “They won’t let people in the neighborhood sometimes at night.” Imagine being forced out of your neighborhood by an extremist political group. It is a true crime that the city has allowed this to go on so long. A terrible precedent has been set by this group of occupying cities for political influence. This precedent only gains traction each day Seattle allows this to go on.

 Joker  | The Raging Patriot

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has promised the abolishment of Chaz, even after her staunch support of the new found country. Protestors have now marched to the mayors neighborhood to make their demands. These demands are of course very reasonable. Among them are: Abolishing the police department, releasing all black prisoners, and giving immunity to rioters and looters. Only time will tell when the people will regain their city. It is up to the local government to fix this problem they have helped create.

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