BREAKING: The REAL reason these homeowners stood their ground

Stand Your Ground

 Mark McCloskey | The Raging Patriot

On Sunday the images of a man and his wife holding a rifle and pistol went viral. There are multiple videos of the incident from the protestor’s point of view in which they were denouncing the couple. The protestors claimed that the couple was pointing the guns directly at the small crowd of 300 protestors marching. The media ran with that narrative until it became clear that the protestors were trespassing. St. Louis which is in Missouri is one of 35 states with stand your ground law. Missouri is also one of 27 states that have the statue of, “that there is no duty to retreat an attacker in any place in which one is lawfully present” which means that if one is threatened or has a perceived threat then they can take precautionary preventive action.  

 Stand-your-ground law | The Raging Patriot
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Trespassing Mob

This would be mean that the homeowners have complete authority to shoot any trespassers even if they aren’t threatening. In this particular instance, the wife claimed in a later interview to KMOV, “We were told that we would be killed, our home burned and our dog killed. We were all alone facing an angry mob…” The couple had every right to be scared after seeing the last few weeks of continuous turmoil caused by protests. The armed couple did the angry mob a favor by using their 2nd amendment as a deterrent. The protestors broken down the gate and ignored multiple signs about the private street. A private street and sidewalk are not open to the public unless they are invited.

 Portland Place | The Raging Patriot
Source: Bill Greenblatt
 Portland Place | The Raging Patriot
Source: Bill Greenblatt

The protestors weren’t invited, in fact, they were marching down the street to the St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home. The angry mob was protesting the democrat mayor’s actions on Friday when she read the names of people who wrote to her pleading to defund the police.

Who knows what they would have done to the mayor’s house if it wasn’t this pressure from the armed couple. There is also a report from Bill Greenblatt, the photographer, that the protestors were told to go into the street after they broke the gate. This is evidence of instigators being involved in the crowd. As the riots have shown, a peaceful protest can easily turn into riots and ransacking business, homes, and property. After the protestors left, they left graffiti on the private street and the broken gate. Things could have gone out of hand if it wasn’t for the armed couple. There were no police around to protect the residents. This is an example of how everyone must be ready to defend what’s yours. No matter was religion, party, or ideology one is part of, the fundamental right of life, liberty, and property. In fact, it has been revealed that this couple has donated to Democratic candidates in the past. Now the horriffic democratic policing has come to bite them back.

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This unpreceded time in which the law and order is under attack is the time to make sure you have all the means necessary to defend your property and loved ones. With many cities planning to defund the police, it becomes more important to build well-regulated militias. There must be a stand taken against these mobs that want to take everything away from hard-working people. This couple is a perfect example of living the American dream in their large estate and the mob would love to take it away after all they chant “eat the rich” which disrespects all American values. This couple worked hard to earn that home and everything else.

 Mark McCloskey | The Raging Patriot

The media took the side of the protestors by victimizing them. The fact of the matter is that all the protestors became criminals the moment they walked through the broken open gate.  The husband with the rifle had good trigger discipline when he pointed the gun at the protestors. He used the threat of the rifle to prevent any violence against himself and the property. When someone is criminally trespassing the owner has all the right to shoot and threaten the trespassers. Especially when the criminal trespassers were threatening to kill the couple. The media eventually stopped talking about this story because it was revealed that the protestors were criminally trespassing. The fake news jump on any pro-protest story without looking into it. Now in retrospect, these armed homeowners were in their full rights and did the right thing as law-abiding citizens.  They are a great example for others to stand up to the leftist tyranny and lies.

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