BREAKING: FBI Investigation Reveals No Hate Crime Committed Towards Bubba Wallace

 NASCAR Cup Series | The Raging Patriot
Photo From The Bubba Wallace Facebook Page

An investigation into the “hate crime” committed towards NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace revealed that there was no foul play involved. The investigation discovered that the so called “noose” was in fact just a string that had a loop at the end, used to pull down the garage when it was up. See NASCAR statement below:

The View Is Wrong Like Always

Just when you had forgotten that the View still exists, they remind you why they are useless. Today they had on Bubba Wallace and condemned anybody who was even questioning the now known hoax. Now what does Bubba and NASCAR do now that they have been exposed? It is disgusting that anyone would push a fake hate crime on a nation that is already under much racial tensions. I am grateful that shows like the View still exist because it makes it easy to expose the radical left.

Everything Is Racist

Now that we know garage doors are racist, what is next on the block? Is there anything in America that isn’t racist anymore? We have discovered that syrup is also racist. It seems to me that it is not predictable what will be cancelled next because it could be anything. As Americans the time is now to start defending our Nation or this kind of nonsense will only continue.


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