A Break in the Action


It seems like the year is getting more and more unpredictable.  On top of that, there is a lot of division within the country and even the world.  The world needs more love and compassion during this time.  Due to this, this is not a political post, but one aimed at sharing some stories of encouragement.


A boy from Sheffield, England, Tobias Weller, has cerebral palsy and autism.  He decided to walk a full marathon by walking up and down his street.  Tobias was assisted by his walker, as he unfortunately cannot do much without it.  It took him seven months and he raised over $100,000 for Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital and Paces School.  At only nine years old, his story is very encouraging and should be shared.  

A Break in the Action - Captain Tom | The Raging Patriot

In other news, Rob Kenney has gone viral for his recent YouTube videos.  The videos are of him explaining different things that a dad would explain to his children.  His videos include explanations regarding things like how to jumpstart a car to unclogging a sink, as well as other useful topics.  His channel is called “Dad, how do I?” and its purpose is to help people who do not have a father to assist them.  He was inspired to make a channel like this because his dad was absent for most of his life.  He began the channel in April and already has well over two million subscribers.  Kenney is a kind hearted man who is trying to help others and the world needs more people like him.  

This is an example of what he posts:

Due to COVID-19 preventing graduations, many schools have gotten creative with how to celebrate.  In Texas, high school Principal Dr. Scott Rudes, hand delivered diplomas to seniors.  He met with 240 students over a ten day period.   Kennett High School in New Hampshire is celebrating their graduation at a ski resort in town.  The students will take a chairlift to the top of the mountain to receive their diplomas.  The effort put into making graduation special is truly heartwarming.


With everything going on in the world, it can be refreshing to focus on some feel good stories.  There is always good in the world, sometimes it just takes a little longer to find.  Take care of yourself and others. 


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