Will COVID Change Our Humor?

Our world is no stranger to change. New technology, the rise and fall of power, and major world events dictate the way our world works. This is especially true in media.

If you grew up in the ’90s or before, you probably think very little of just how much media has changed. Perhaps you will comment on how much better the acting was or bring up how it was more wholesome than the modern movies and TV series. But something big happened that changed a majority of the way media was perceived, the terrorist attacks on 9-11.

Media may have remained the same for a time, but there was definitely something different as year went on. They began to adapt to the new rules of the world.

As someone who has lived the majority of their life post 9-11, pre 2000s shows confused me. I didn’t understand how in an action movie someone would have a knife on a plane. There was no way that could ever happen! Why were people standing so close to the plane when it took off? You have to say your good-byes before security! Why is that child in the cockpit? No one is allowed in there but the captain!

The world changes and the media changes with it. 9-11 left a huge impact on the United States. It changed not only the rules and regulations of flying, but also the way media used airplanes. Will the same thing happen with the aftermath of COVID-19?

We still don’t know how much the shutdown is going to affect the future. We aren’t even sure how long the lockdown will last. Once we are recovered, will things like media continue to be affected?

Comedy uses various techniques, one of which is “disgusting” humor. For example, a person will sneeze on someone’s food, not tell anyone, and we all watch as the friend eats the now contaminated food. Will this confuse future generations? What about the classic spit-shake? Where two people spit into their hands before shaking them. Will people be horrified that people used to do this? Will characters like Monk and Sheldon not be quite as funny because, why wouldn’t you keep things that sanitary?

The world is changing and media will change with it. We can not know how much this pandemic will affect things for a few more years. But it is likely that humor will change to fit with the times and that comedy that relies on cleanliness, or the lack thereof, will likely suffer the most.

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