What Happened to Believing All Women?

What Happened to Believing All Women? - Brett Kavanaugh | The Raging Patriot
2018 Believe all women protestor

In 2018, when Christine Blasey Ford came out with sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, that supposedly happened at a high school party in 1982, the story was covered by nearly every news source in the country. Several democratic senators called for Kavanaugh to be removed from consideration to be appointed as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Without any actual credible witnesses and evidence, everyone was so quick to come to Ford’s defense, completely throwing “innocent until proven guilty” out the window. #believeallwomen became trending on twitter to support Ford and her claims.


Now, two years later, similar sexual assault allegations have been made against Joe Biden from a former staffer, Tara Reade, when he was a senator in 1993. The claims made by Reade have been supported with several witnesses and a police report she filed. Reade’s mother even called in live to the Larry King show for advice on what her daughter might do instead of going to the media with the story out of respect for Biden.

How is the media responding? No one is asking Biden questions. There are no social justice keyboard warriors tweeting their trending #believeallwomen. And no one is demanding Biden be removed as the presumed Democratic Presidential Nominee.

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Tweet from Candace Owens, 04/28/20

Sexual assault is a terrible thing, and I am not discrediting it or the victims in the slightest. Attackers must be punished for violating innocent people. Survivors who come forward against their attackers are brave women and men. But, in order to keep the innocent innocent and punish the guilty we need the facts to know what actually happened.


So, what happened to believing all women? That any claims made by a victim must be true because they said it was. Is what happened to Tara Reade less important or less wrong than what Christine Ford claimed happened to her? Where are the SJW’s and their tweets? Why isn’t anyone investigating Reade’s story and Biden? Where is the media outcry against sexual assault?

That is because the Left will only do things if it fits their agenda. In their eyes, a democrat can do no wrong. Leftist Logic is getting a republican removed from the supreme court for assault claims that have no evidential backing, that’s a win. But investigating a man accused of sexual assault with supporting witnesses, now that is just wrong.

But the Left has never really been known for using logic now have they? Or reason, truth, or science for that matter.

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