URGENT POLL: Michael Flynn Investigation

Judge Dismisses Case Against Michael Flynn After Trump Pardon
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In America today, it is shocking that our own FBI could be this corrupt. But new revelations about what happened during the investigation of Michael Flynn have shown us the dark side of the FBI. Led by crooks and liars, the FBI moved to catch Michael Flynn in a lie so they could criminally prosecute him. When an investigation is being done, you are supposed to look for facts. The investigation of Flynn was anything but that. Facts did not matter to the investigators, they simply were trying to frame Michael Flynn. Is this the America that we live in today? Where politics matter more than the life someone who served us as an Army General?

Justice Prevails

Great news has come out that the Justice Department has dropped the charges on General Flynn. This is a major victory for all Americans because this shows us that the FBI can be held accountable if they do not investigate fairly. We can all agree that politics should be put aside when it comes to investigating. These investigations must be based solely on real evidence. Whatever happened to the words “innocent until proven guilty?” It seems like the left has forgotten these words completely, unless of course it relates to sexual assault charges of Joe Biden. Every American has the right to a fair trial regardless of political leanings. Michael Flynn has been robbed of his freedom but this week he prevailed.

Drain the Swamp

This campaign slogan for President Donald Trump in 2016 gained a lot of traction among his supporters because of this very problem. Our government is filled with liars and cheaters. This new information about the Flynn investigation just gave this slogan a major boost and you can guarantee that when President Trump is in election mode, he will have his supporters cheering for the drainage of the swamp yet again. We must drain the filthy swamp and restore America to the foundations of Liberty and Justice for ALL.

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