Twitter: “Double Standard Arbitrator of Truth”

Twitter Censors Trump Tweet - President of the United States | The Raging Patriot


Kathy Griffin, in another attempt to be relevant again, tweeted that if someone were to stick President Trump with a “syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick”. Being injected with air into the bloodstream would cause an air embolism, which is often fatal.

The Washington Examiner tweeted about what she said and she responded “I SURE DID” with the hashtag #TrumpLiedPeopleDied.

This is not the first time Griffin has called for an assassination of the President, nor is she the only celebrity. In 2017, she posed holding a prop of the severed bloody head of Trump, which prompted a visit from the Secret Service and blew up over social media. In the same year, Snoop Dogg posted a music video where he shot an actor dressed as President Trump with a clown face. Speaking to a crowd at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, Johnny Depp said “This is going to be in the press, and it will be horrible. When was the last time an actor assassinated a President?” The next day he apologized for his words, but what he said before the threat seems to cancel out the apology.

 Johnny Depp | The Raging Patriot
President Donald J. Trump (left) Johnny Depp (right)

When asked by the Washington Examiner if Griffin breached Twitter’s violent threats policy, a representative said Twitter will “look into” the tweets. There is definitely a double standard of censorship on social media, which there shouldn’t be any. Trump hate? It’s allowed. Trump praise? Take it down.


Let’s switch it up a bit. Imagine if there was a celebrity who tweeted that someone should kill President Obama. The outrage that would follow would be deafening, and rightly so. No one should make threats against any President, it’s wrong, disgusting, and disrespectful–to the President and the American people.

It is never okay to publicly call for the death of a President, no matter how much someone may disagree with them. A conservative would never do something like that, and if they have that’s wrong. But since it’s President Trump who is attacked all day every day, it’s apparently funny. Conservatives fail to see the humor here.

It is so sad that the hatred Democrats have for President Trump outweighs the love they have for Americans. They can’t put aside their feelings and acknowledge the good he has done for the country. Democrats are so desperate for citizen dependence on the government, otherwise, their jobs are obsolete, that they will do anything to change the narrative and convince Americans that Trump is the enemy.


The threats President Trump and his family have received during his three years in office are unlike anything anyone has seen before. Republicans are not the biggest fan of Obama, but we never tweeted or made music videos about him being murdered. And we certainly didn’t investigate him to no end without cause resulting in a bogus attempt to smear the man and convict him of wrongdoing. Which is actually nothing because abuse of power and obstruction of Congress aren’t actually impeachable offenses.

 Presidency of Donald Trump | The Raging Patriot


This is another great example that the left is constantly excused of any immoral behavior, but when someone on the right does something with a minimal negative effect (if any), like reopening their salon to feed their family, they are bashed and hated. We love the double standard.

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