The Threat to Democracy of Absentee Voting

The Threat to Democracy of Absentee Voting - Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act | The Raging Patriot
-Nancy Pelosi

With extensions in lockdowns to prolong facing the inevitable second wave and potentially long-standing limits on building occupancy, Democrats have begun proposing absentee voting in replacement of the traditional voting booths at select locations. Despicably holding the national economy hostage to enact the Left’s vision, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s three trillion-dollar HEROES Act slipped in 25 billion dollars for a mandatory national vote-by-mail option and elimination of voter ID requirements in the Coronavirus aid bill, including same-day voting registration.

Of course, since a second wave seems likely in the fall with social distancing growing ever more difficult as more people stay inside due to dropping temperatures, the guise of public safety would still be intact for Democrats to continue pushing for these dangerous ballot policies. Yet, despite some national support, mail-in ballots would invariably result in a Democratic collapse, allowing fraud and forgery to supplant integrity and fairness in our elections.

The Plan Unfolds

Now, the chaos and nebulousness of the global pandemic and what defines success opened the door for trickling bits of radical progressivism to take hold underneath the irrefutable veil of public safety concern. As former Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel verbalized, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste” and the Left bit hard on their chance to impose a decades-old agenda. Taking advantage of the national panic and hysteria, Democratic governors have reduced prison populations, diminished religious freedom by refusing to deem churches essential (only to distribute free halal meals for Ramadan in New York City), and forced small businesses into federal debt, thereby crippling local economies to trap them at the behest of the state. All in bids for totalitarian control, Democrats have even inched closer to martial law, arresting those who don’t comply under lockdown guidelines as with Dallas salon owner Shelley Luthor.

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And, more devastatingly to the resilient democratic institutions of the United States, now have moved towards dismantling the American democratic process itself. Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory in the 2016 Presidential election brought repealing the Electoral College, an essential piece of the American democratic process, to the forefront of their agenda. Beginning that irreconcilable shift in our government will be the expansion of absentee voting, a carelessly hazardous proposition that would sacrifice all accountability in elections.

Speaking to Time Magazine, Barack Obama’s former attorney general Eric Holder claims “Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system,” going as far as believing “these are changes that we should make permanent because it will enhance our democracy.” These barrages at core Democratic pillars go beyond public health concerns, rather Democrats are blatantly hiding behind the crisis to achieve immutability in their agenda like a modern-day trojan horse.

The Danger?

Institutionalizing absentee voting, along with same-day voter registration and no voter ID requirements, would be welcoming rigged elections and poses a mortal threat to democracy in America. Absentee voting accounts for the vast majority of voter fraud in the United States, as taking the voting process out of the hands of electors and into faceless committees relinquishes all responsibility and honesty in the Democratic process. In 2018, eight political consultants of Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris were indicted on charges of “scheming to illegally collect, fill in, forge, and submit mail-in ballots” so extensively that the courts invalidated Harris’s 900 vote victory and reran the race, as reported by the Washington Post.

Once we enter national scales for elections, the sheer difficulty of handling hundreds of millions of mailed-in ballots allows unaccounted ballots and inaccurate information to ravage the sanctity of the Democratic process, not to mention the sacrifice in efficiency, by entrusting the notoriously unreliable U.S. Postal Service. For states like California that already employ mail-in ballots, tight elections take months to resolve, as votes trickle in long after the election closed. For a Presidential election, the task of counting and verifying millions upon millions of mail-in ballots would be unimaginable.

However, unaccounted ballots pose the most fatal threat. In a report from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, the 2016 Presidential Election had more misdirected mail ballots, sent to the wrong address or simply unaccounted for, than the number of votes separating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Though she led by 2.9 million votes, 6.5 million ballots become victims of misdirection or being unaccounted. The disaster possibilities of absentee voting would be countless and would allow sleazy opportunities for both sides to steal fraudulent votes on magnitudes in the millions, only further diminishing the American people’s faith in their government and their democracy.

For the other half of Pelosi’s bargaining, repealing voter ID requirements and same-day voter registration would allow non-citizens to freely participate in American elections. Since only “a sworn written statement attesting to their identity” will be enough to ”fulfill the identification requirement,” these policies will outright invite foreign interference in our elections.

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After years of accusing President Trump of election interference, Democrats now plan to wield absentee voting to do exactly that (no wonder Democrats pander to illegal immigrants). If purchasing alcohol, buying an “M” rated video game, and applying for a fishing license require ID, then the privilege of deciding the future of the nation should be no different.

Such a push for absentee voting should be taken as a violent threat to American democracy. If essential businesses like grocery stores can effectively manage lines in accordance with building occupancy guidelines, then no excuse exists for the government to equally comply with their own laws, rather than opt for risky absentee voting and further separate the people from self-governance. Elections must remain personal and direct. The alternative, in the case of absentee voting, means handing votes to unelected bureaucrats in the shadows, undercutting the democratic foundations of America to hijack elections.

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