The Left is Reporting a Spike in Coronavirus cases after Memorial Day Weekend

After months of fear mongering, the media and democrats are now shifting their tactics to shame people and states. Shaming their fellow Americans that dare reopen even if reopening under CDC guidelines. First, they claim the cases are increasing just now on Memorial Day because people are all together celebrating the fallen heroes, secondly they blame this on states reopening too early.

 Melbourne | The Raging Patriot
CNN’s absurd article

The media have shamed the states that started reopening before Memorial Day by perpetuating the idea that the cases are going up in those states. This would mean that the virus spread 2 weeks ago, not in the last 3 days when the states opened up.

How are we to believe that miraculously this virus that has a 2 week incubation time just started spreading because of Memorial Day? This lie is so blatant because of the unlikeness of people getting the virus and already experiencing the symptoms and getting tested within two or three days. Somehow they would have gotten the results and all of it reported to the states’ respective health organization, all within getting the virus just two or three days ago. As the graph below show the virus has been decreasing slowly overtime, even as most states ended their stay-at-home order on May 1st.

 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic | The Raging Patriot
Johns Hopkins University 2020

On top of all this there are many reports about the horrendous error in coronavirus reporting. Errors that only inflate numbers and not decrease. The most commonly known error by now is the fact that hospitals claim death by coronavirus even if a patient dies from a heart attack. The idea behind it might have originally seemed good to pay the hospitals with coronavirus patients money per case and death since those hospitals will be in need of more assistance. However, just as any leftist idea is, it ends up backfiring. Hospitals had to abuse the system to get funding because their regular money source from elective surgeries was shutdown. This data is important since many states base their reopening on it. On May 24th it was reported that there has been confusion with the new CDC electronic reporting system in which antibody tests and viral test have been added together. The amount of active cases reported is therefore most likely inflated as recovered people or those who just take the antibody test to see if they even had Covid-19 (60-80% of people don’t even get symptoms) have their results lumped in together. These errors take away the credibility and make THE PEOPLE question how can lockdown orders be based of the same data.

The fear-mongering media has taken millions of jobs away, ruined lives and stolen many months from millions of Americans because of their dangerous fake narratives and overzealousness. They even have begun villan-izing houses of worship because they deem them not essential. It is inconceivable how the left thinks they hold the moral high ground over churches.Houses of Worship that on the daily would help thousands of Americans in various ways such as charity as well as just being a place people can worship their God with a similar minded community. Trump said it best, “In America, we need more prayer not less.” Worship is essential, and if the leftist state governments don’t allow them to open it will be a constitutional violation and a potential order from Trump to open them as he has stated he will do so.

Houses of Worship that on the daily would help

The sooner the country opens completely, the sooner we will be back to normal. We shouldn’t seek to establish this current situation as a “new normal” like Dr. Fauci insisted on, because this “new normal” is unconstitutional and harmful to many people. They have caused more suffering by the reaction to the virus than the virus itself. Without the Trump administration, it’s unbearable to imagine how deep the democrats and media would have dug us in. If they cared about the citizens of our great nation, they would have tried to listen to how even democratic supporters want to open up the country and get their business back up. They would have listened to the people suffering with depression, anxiety and other mental issues because of the lockdown. They would have denounced China and helped unite our people.

Therefore, the real patriots of America are in a rage. They won’t let overreaching governments stop them. The rage is justified if you look at the data and at a realistic outlook. Even if a 2nd wave comes the country can’t shut down, because how will it be able to produce, manufacture and purchase to keep its self-alive. The best that can be done now is stopping the lockdowns and continuing with good hygiene and self-awareness. Uniting to help each other and our communities. People shouldn’t degrade to be informers like the democrats want because that is genuinely a communistic policy.

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