Rioters Terrorize Cities Across the U.S.

Rioters Terrorize Cities Across the U.S. - Killing of George Floyd | The Raging Patriot

Last night, the 29th of May 2020 amid COVID-19 (Wuhan Virus) and the starting embers of a cold war with China, riots in various metropolitan areas broke out. Initially there were peaceful demonstrations in Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and more. The protestors vetted that they are expressing their anger and see justice in the George Floyd case. However the peacefulness dwindled away as the night came upon the cities, they turned into rioting and looting. Various Building were seen on fire and police vehicles. To understand the anger and a unilateral outrage from most of America, even President Donald Trump, the unjustified suffocating death of George Floyd is shown below. Viewer Discretion advised.

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The George Floyd Death

On Monday the 25th of May 2020, a police officer by the name of Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police department pressed his knee into George Floyd’s neck. George Floyd as seen from various videos wasn’t resisting arrest, but it is unclear if he resisted getting in the vehicle. Nonetheless, the conduct of the officers was dangerous and not by any protocol considering he was already handcuffed. The former officer had his knee on Floyd’s neck for over 8 continuous minutes even as onlookers echoed George Floyd’s words such as “I can’t breathe” and calling for his mother in desperation. The video caused a national outcry as the police officer in question wasn’t charged with murder initially. Reportedly, the cause of death is undisputed in the public’s eye to be caused by Derek Chauvin’s knee.

The Injustice Caused by Police

This unjust death over an alleged forgery charge of a $20 caused many people in Minneapolis to take to the streets and shout the words of George Floyd, “I can’t breathe”. This caused a movement of people using this death to bring to light all past police brutality such as Eric Gardner. As the week went on the protest continued and at night they turned to riots destroying multiple businesses, homing and even the police station that Derek Chauvin used to work for.

The death of George Floyd brought light to the injustice of the system that makes it hard to prosecute police officers, but it didn’t stop there. The protest continued to be more about violence. The nation was listening to the protestors and supporting them, but then they turned to rioting and looting. The vast majority of the public, democrats and republicans spoke out against this violence and destruction. President Trump stated that these rioters were acting like THUGS and taking away from the death and justice that’s needed for George Floyd’s death.

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The Injustice Caused by Rioting

In all the destruction and terror the mainstream media still continued to call them protestors even as buildings were burning all over US Cities. There began calls for building up, not tearing down the community that many of these rioters live in. In Atlanta it became terrible when literally every community leader called for the dispersal of the protest, but it was too late as the rioting started. On Friday night the 29th and spilling over into the 30th of May 2020, the rioting in Minneapolis prompted many more cities to riot caused vast damage to local small business and big box stores. The police started arresting as many people as they could at various locations but the torching of various places like gas stations, Banks, post offices and even small local shops continued. They activated the National Guard in various places to help the police officers that started feeling overwhelmed.

In Atlanta, various residents not involved started fleeing out of fear for their lives. These protestors turned to rioters, and now they are acting as domestic terrorists. Terrorizing their own communities. In one instance shown during a live stream, a resident tries to leave the area but the rioter’s attacked the vehicle. In fleeing, the resident in the car drives over a rioter.

Innocent residents are stuck while domestic terrorists take the streets.

Rioters Terrorizing Cities

Slowly over night as the riots turned violent and building set ablaze, many supporters of the movement and prominent people in the United States called for an end. The overall movement has become hijacked by the rioting and losing support quickly as people call for peace and to seek justice through proper ways just as Martin Luther King Jr. who walked not rioted. Protests are allowed and in this case justified, however rioting is illegal because of the terror, violence and damage it cause. Just because injustice was caused, that isn’t the reason to cause hundreds of more injustices in protesting the first injustice, which in this case is George Floyd’s death. In many of the communities where the rioting is occurring, some buildings burned and damaged are locally and minority owned. The destruction of one’s own community is terrorizing and causing massive damage to many livelihoods.

 George Floyd protests | The Raging Patriot

The United States is at the forefront of a new Era, a new life, a new world. The Laws, stability and prosperity are all changing whether one might accept it or resist. Brother against brother, black police against black rioters. Even as most people have more in common with one another, they focus on the differences. When people need to unite, they divide. When people must seek justice, they seek tearing down their communities and taking advantage. When the nation needs to build, they destroy. Hoping from the ashes a phoenix will rise, a new life. All that is accomplished is new pain. All people have a need for an adversary. They can choose the adversary. For millenniums, the people of the earth chose each other as their enemies. Today the people must choose to conquer the future, new technologies, space, economic instability, justice reform and this COVID19 pandemic. The alternative is we will conquer each other only to suffer on. To unite, we must call the rioting what it is, domestic terrorism in American streets, the peace left the minute they started looting and rioting.

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